Sunday, February 14, 2016

I'm Not in Love with Him Anymore!

Aunty Amara good evening. I need your help, I have been dating this particular guy for five years now. The problem is that am not in love with him anymore, am in love with another. Why I don't love him again is that he doesn't communicate with me, sometimes I call him more than he does, even when I don't have credit, I use my dad's phone to call.
It was in January, I now asked him why he does not call, he said he doesn't have credit to call, he refused to call me throughout that week, but have been seeing him on Facebook and WhatsApp, but he won't say a word to me, even when I call he will not pick my calls.
Until today he came to my apartment pleading that he was doing something that will surprise me. Am Akwa ibom and he's Igbo, am just afraid to go to a place I don't know how to speak their language . Am afraid. He's now saying I should tell the other guy to stop calling. Ma'am I don't know what to do, I don't want to make mistake. Thanks.

I don't know if you are worried about his tribe or his attitude towards the relationship. Seems to me like the relationship is a selfish one where he comes around, receives the baptism of hot sex and then off he goes until when next he needs another round of sex, else I'm wondering what a man who claimed to be in love with you will be doing online without even saying hi or reaching out to you.
You claimed to have dated him for five years but you sound like a total stranger to him and your communication with him is as poor as that of individuals who haven't even met with each other.
He doesn't really sound like he loves you but looks like a time waster. His place of origin has nothing absolutely to do with your concerns about him but from his attitude, it seems that you are the one dating him while he's enjoying the ride.
Since you are no longer in love with him nor are you interested in the relationship with him, kindly let him know that and bid him goodbye forever. It's better for him to take his surprises to another lady than treat you like an object and not a lady with emotions.
Communication plays a vital role in any relationship and when communication is dead, the relationship is also dead.


  1. He just wants sex from d globally beloved Akwa Ibom 'sex machine'.
    For me, I won't bid him goodbye, I will go quiet and disassociate myself from him. He may be planning to take/hurt u.
    He is obviously not in love with u.
    It's the bitter truth.

  2. I always put an "if" in most of my comment especially when I'm reading a comment from only one side.

    So if all u said was true, then I'd suggest you stay away.

    The surprise may be your life, igbo or no igbo.


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