Friday, February 26, 2016

How Do I Enhance my Breast?

Hello aunty Amara.
Am engaged to a very loving and sweet guy, we love each other very much, am petite in nature while my guy is about 6ft plus, he's very tall. My worry since time immemorial has been my small breasts, am in my early 20's but have the size of a 13year old.
It frustrates me a lot as I don't get to wear the clothes I want, plus I have to wear padded bras all the time. My man loves me, but he loves sizeable breast too, not that we've had sex, no, in fact we don't plan to until marriage, he mistakenly touched my breast one day and felt the heavy padding.
Since then we have been talking about the breast issue at one time or the other, it gives me inferiority complex issues and I feel sad about it, he doesn't seem to care about my round hips and buttocks but more interested in the breasts(guess that's how God created guys).
I fear I may not be able to breast feed or even satisfy him sexually as there won't be much to hold and fondle, talk more of sucking! I feel awful and want to go through natural breast enhancement to aid my breast growth. Please I need your help, I need my breasts to grow and get a little bigger, help please!

I took my time to check out your pictures and I saw a gorgeous, beautiful and a lovely lady blessed with long face, lovely lips, pretty eyes , cup cake breast and a lovely body.
In all sincerity, I didn't see any reason why you should be worried about your breast because they were as God wanted them to be. 
Let me begin with the basic biology, no matter the size of your breast, even if they be as tiny as a palm kernel, as long as your hormones are balanced and your progesterone is active during pregnancy, you will breast feed your baby as much as you desire. And for the fact that a lady has a small or big breast doesn't in any way determine the volume of milk the breast can produce so I don't know what made you feel that your breast isn't good enough for your babies and your husband. 
Also, breast grows during pregnancy, and what that means is that the body changes during pregnancy affects the breast size too which is why some women who had a big breast when they were younger now have a sagging breast after child birth. So do not worry yet but wait until you have put to bed, you can tell me what you observed. 
Your body features today will change with time and pregnancy, so I think that you should be happy because the older you get, you may be looking so beautiful that your husband can't let go of you. 
Bras has pads no matter how big or small the breast maybe and it's not a sin to wear one. Men have what they crave for irrespective of how spiritual they maybe but it will be unfair for him to make you feel inferior by always talking about your breast or making it look as though you were the one who manufactured your breast. 
If for any reason best known to him, he doesn't appreciate your hips which is great for sex and he doesn't appreciate your breast which is lovely to quench the thirst, he is free to let go and go for a lady with the size of of the breast that he cherishes. 
It's actually not a sin if that's what he want but one thing that life has revealed to me is that the size of a lady's breast doesn't in any way reflect her inner virtues and qualities that he needs to be happy and fulfilled in his marriage. 
The size of a lady's breast doesn't show how tender or loving she will be but if the breast is what matters to him, to avoid cheating on you or to avoid making mockery of your body or making you feel inferior, it's wiser to let him go and encourage him to go for what he cherishes. 
But if he has found the virtues that he desires in a lady that he wishes to spend the rest of his life with, then he should accept you completely and not make you feel incomplete or inferior in your area own skin. 
The beauty of appreciating what you have is that it appreciates and you rediscover the hidden treasure in what you have. Some men who wished for a big breast gets tired when it loses its firmness while those who went for average ones enjoy more fondling and sucking with time because their breast only gets better with time.. Lol 
Going for a natural breast enhancement is not bad but what I can't tell is if it would give you the confidence that you crave for in your skin and in your marriage and what happens if pregnancy affects your body? So what you need really isn't enhancement of your breast but appreciation of your body and the appreciation of your personality by your fiancĂ©. 
Big breast or not, a beautiful lady will always stand out from the rest not by the size of her body but by her vision and virtues as a lady. 


  1. love this advice Aunty Amara. God bless you dearly

  2. The only thing I want to add is that you do not go for breast enhancement. If you do, you are tampering with the natural state of your body. There are consequences to that both physical and spiritual. I don't know what God means to you but those who fear God do not contemplate tampering with what God has made. You are not sick nor deformed. The size of your breast is part of your person. If anybody that wants to marry you has issues with it, then if he wants to leave let him leave. God has never disapproved or approved anyone because of their body size and proportion. It all comes from the vain and evil mind. The same that produces pornography and sexual perversion.

  3. Even the size of a breast doesn't guarantee if a man will cheat or not

  4. Even the size of breast doesn't determine the faithfulNess of a man in marriage


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