Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Do I Know His Intentions?

Thank you very much for the good work you are doing here, God will reward you. Please ma, I need your advice on what to do. There is this guy that copied my number from Facebook
and he asked me to come and see him which I did and I have visited him for like three times and he didn't tell me anything
about friendship or lover.
Now am beginning to love him but I don't want to love someone that will not love me back. So I want to know his intentions towards me because if I ask him now he may think that am desperate.
How will I know his mind? Should I go and discuss this with him or should I remain silent? Please tell me what to do because I have told him that I want to have a discussion with him and he might be waiting for that discussion.
Please ma it's urgent, I want to know what to tell him. Thanks.

When I watch the birds, and other animals and see the way the male pursue the female partners, sometimes I pause to admire the desire and the beauty of chasing your passion. But when it comes to human relationship, it seems as though some ladies wish to take the role of being the hunter and in most cases they end up with many bruises and pains because naturally it's not how God designed it.
I'm not giving you any rules but the moment you went to meet with the man who naturally ought to be the one to desire to see the pretty lady he met online, you took up the mantle to lead him in the relationship and who knows what you have sacrificed to impress him of your generous heart.
Whether you ask him or not, I doubt if he would ever see the reason to define the relationship but it's wise that you do so that you don't live in the fantasy that you are in a relationship while in reality you are "disturbing him for a relationship".
There's no harm or shame in asking where the relationship is heading to especially when your emotions is already pushing you to invest in his life.
Subtly ask him what plans he has for "us" and what he makes of you and the "relationship" so that you can put things in the right perspective and plan your life accordingly.

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  1. I really do not get this!!!
    Someone gets ur number, contacted u, asked u to visit and u did !!!
    Listen, U HAVE SOLD UR SELF WORTH and now u want to lead him (like Amara said).
    Why isn't he d one visiting u?
    I am definite u have had sex with him and now u luv his...
    Ensure u have not fallen prey to a disease being spread by some guy.
    Candid advice, put ur legs together and do not go there again. He shld fight to see u if he cares.
    That is if u will listen to our words of advice.


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