Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Do I Manage my Sexual Urge?

Hello ma,
Please I really really need your help and prayers, my life has had a lot of ups and downs and I'm very sure I'm the cause of the downs, I have a serious issue with sexual urge, I know many will say it's normal, but in my case I know it's not, I easily get aroused and I feel embarrassed, and it leads me into masturbation and I find myself not able to get out of it.
It's been on like this for close to six years now.. I don't sleep around with girls despite the urge, though I won't say I'm a saint who has never had sex before, I would prefer masturbation though I don't masturbate always, but I get aroused always, which after some days of fighting the urge I will give in and masturbate and it's slowly driving me insane. Any time I try and make up my mind to stay away from it I still find myself in it..... I have prayed about it begged God to help me out on this one, but it seems it isn't working.. How do I end this, I can't seem to move forward in life without this sexual urge being part of the journey...
I need your help please

No amount of prayers and fighting your emotions will stop you from having sexual feelings or being sexually aroused whenever you meet a beautiful, gorgeous and curvaceous babe. This is part of humanity and it's an evidence that your hormones are healthy and that you are sexually active.
The first step to mastering how to control your hormones and the urge for sex is understanding the mechanism and the functions of your body. Just like I said earlier, every individual born of a woman must at one point or the other feel sexual urge for the opposite sex. It's God's way of giving us the privilege to increase, multiply and replenish the earth until he comes again. 
But how can you manage your hormones to avoid the hormones from pushing you into masturbation, casual sex, unprepared pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and diseases and other forms of dirty lifestyle? 
First you need to understand that life is not a casual journey because everything you do have one form of consequences and or another. For example, every time you have sex with a lady, you release yourself to spiritual infections and demonic possessions which the condom cannot prevent, you put yourself under the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and also waste your finances. 
If you push yourself into masturbation to console yourself, you would have wasted a better part of your existence servicing your penis while you are burying your destiny and your future. 
For any time you spend pursing women, you lose the same time that you would have invested in your vision and in fulfilling the purpose for which God has called you.
So you will agree with me that you cannot waste your life channelling your energy, resources and passion for your penis alone, I mean that's so much for an organ. 
So to help yourself if you are willing to subject your hormones under your control. Look unto God, he's the owner of your body, your hormones and he perfectly understands what you are experiencing today. Surrender everything to him and allow him to dictates what happens in your private sector. 
Decide within your heart not to service yourself because God abhors that or sleep with other girls because God hates it. 
Another thing you must not fail to do is to plan your life and define what your purpose and passion for your life is. Most times, those who have nothing doing are those who are consumed by a sexual urge. Trust me, if your house is on fire, you won't remember that you have a penis lol. 
Remember that God has made a provision for your sexual needs in marriage so you don't need to rush yourself into getting married to any lady just because you couldn't hold yourself but you need to prayerfully prepare and trust God for your wife. 
Get busy living and please deliberately avoid anything or anyone that pushes you into thinking about sex and masturbation, things like pornographic videos and pictures or some movies that has the potential to push you into looking for a partner. Keep away from friends who specialises in talking about women and women and women, most times they are destroyed by women because before they will realise that it's past nine in the night they would have wasted their time, resources and opportunities of life. 
I believe that you have a bright future and one of the ways to achieve the desires of your heart is by avoiding things that will lure your mind and body into sex and masturbation. 
When you begin this journey, please renew your mindset by studying the word of God, edifying articles, worship songs and other edifying programmes and like I said earlier, you must not allow sexual urge to destroy your future.
I pray that God will give you the grace and strength to overcome this phase of your life and manage your urge so that you can accomplish the desires of your heart. 


  1. Poster, pls get this book -THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH BY KENNETH HAGIN... It would help you. You hav to learn the art of controlling ur mind!

  2. Poster, pls get this book -THE TRIUMPHANT CHURCH BY KENNETH HAGIN... It would help you. You hav to learn the art of controlling ur mind!


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