Sunday, February 7, 2016

How Do I Recover my Money?

Good day Amara , am C from Enugu state residing in Owerri, my case goes like this and it has been eating me up.
I have a girlfriend that we have been dating that if God blesses me, will have her as my wife but I have seen that my heart is changing.
I travelled to Senegal and I had a transaction to be made and my account was not in order and I decided to use my girlfriend's account so that when I come to Nigeria I will arrange and take it back to my account. N350, 000 was moved into her account, something happened that I did not come back as I wished not knowing that she went and transferred the money to her brother for school fees and sister for laptop. When I came to Nigeria to use the money she told me what she did and I asked her for as long as four months, you did not tell me this and all she could do was to say sorry.
Aunty I was mad because I really needed to use the money for business. I asked her to pay me the money or I will do something stupid, she said she doesn't know when to pay the money and she's working. Am confused because am waiting for her to transfer the money and end the relationship because my heart tells me she's a devil to me.
Now am stranded, please advice me on what to do because am beginning to lose hope. I can't bear it and I know she pleaded with me so that I can be calmed for the money but I can't and I can't go on with her am hurt.

You have every right to be angry with her and to be disappointed with her attitude. She's not only evil but she's selfish, wicked and inconsiderate. To think that she could do such without even telling you anything shows that she doesn't even care about your progress or growth in life. 
Since you didn't promise her anything, you must get her family involved in the recovery of your money and agree on when she must unfailingly return the money. 
In a relationship with anyone, whether husband, boyfriend or best friend, there must be financial accountability to the other party or partner so that the trust and the confidence can be strengthened. 
She cannot tell you sorry because that won't recover your money back but she should tell you what her payment plans is so that you can make your plans and work on how to begin your business. 
Forgive her and be patient with her but please use any means available to recover part of the money even though you may not be able to recover all. If she can get N200,000, let her be and let go of the rest that's if that's okay with you but she must pay for her selfishness and wickedness. 
Print the statement of the account payment and the evidence of the financial transactions so that you can present this to her family for reconciliation and repayment plan.
As for the relationship, it's obviously clear that she's not the kind of partner that will help you but one that will crush you down and reduce your efforts to rubble so be guided and be wise. 

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  1. Guy,you slake well well. Ehiri ehi. Don't you have brothers? You don't do such business with questionable girl friend. I pray you recover your money. The naked truth is your money was spent on another boyfriend of hers.


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