Thursday, February 25, 2016

I Love Him but I'm Confused!

Aunty Amara good morning ma !! I have a guy, he's 28 and am 27, we have dated for six years , in this six years of dating it has been something else, we quarrel in little issues, he will warn me not to call him again, he blacklisted my line, sometime girls will pick his call if I called him, they will insult me in his presence, later we will reconcile back. We see once in a year.
So this week I sent him a message on Facebook "The father's advice to his son " he said am confusing him he have tried to tell God about me in marriage what he keep hearing is the love will not last and since then he has not seen a girl he loves. I told him let the will of God be done but I love you, he said he has tried to detach my image out of his heart but it's not working he can't play the future, I should let it be.
I told him he can't detach it out because it didn't start today is the journey of love between me and him. He said do I want him to go contrary in what told him, I said no let him tell God to give him evidence while it will not last.
Aunty I love this guy with passion,am confused help out.

You don't cage a bird that's ready to fly away no matter what you do to prevent the bird.
It will be frustrating for you to chase him and press him to marry you if his heart is elsewhere.
I would suggest that you give him enough space and time so that he can decide what's best for him.
From all you wrote, he's emotionally not happy or at peace with you and he sounds like someone who is looking for an excuse to leave the relationship.
I know that you love him but the painful truth maybe that you don't need his personality in your life. So appreciate him for who he is and let him decide what is best for his life.
Do not reduce your self esteem, confidence and value by begging to be loved and appreciated by a man but hold unto God and pray that God will favour you with a man who will love you in a manner that your heart will be at peace and in love with life


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