Thursday, February 25, 2016

Should I be Worried about the Tag?

Good evening ma.. Please ma,help a confused girl with your blessing (advise). Ma, there is this guy that I have known for months now...Ma, the guy is very nice to be with in all round,and I love him so much. But the problem is that my family went for an enquiry about him and his people because he has declared his intension to marry me. But the result they brought was that his father has this tag as being evil, that he killed his own brothers.
Maa, my guy did not grow up with them,so I guess he might know little or nothing about this tag to his father. We are from the same village. They are eight kids,six boys and two girls.Their eldest daughter being fourth child in the house is happily married with kids, and she is the only person that is married among them, the second daughter is the baby among them so she is still small.
My guy is the third child while his two elder brothers are outside Nigeria. But the family in question are glad to welcome me, by giving the guy a go ahead other when he mentioned me and my family name. But ma,please help me out ,do I need to be worried about the tag on his father alone, or I should pay less attention to that and move on with my guy, or should I have a rethink?.
Please, it is only his father that has that tag,while the rest of the family are said to be nice. I'm confused ma, please help me out. May God Almighty bless you more as I tap from your blessings. Thanks.

It's advisable for you to know more about the family and the foundation of the partner you are getting married to, no so that you will be afraid but so that you can tell of their identity and the likely influence of such in the life of an individual or a partner.
While your partner may not have a full information about what made them to tag his dad an evil man but it will be wise for you to ask him and find out what exactly happened.
Your findings will be of greater benefit for you and it will help you to decide whether to continue with him or to let go.
If your partner have a personal relationship with God and he has established his foundation on God's word, you can be rest assured that it won't have any spiritual effect on your marriage and in your life.

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