Friday, February 26, 2016

Should I Divorce Him?

Caveat : The sender is an Asian!
Hi,Amara van-Lare..My name is N and my husband's name R, we married in 2014 April .. Before my husband love me so much and care about me a lot never looked at other ladies and even he did not drink alcohol too.. But after one year he changed a lot and he started keeping girlfriends too and he lied everyday.
When he goes off to work also, he doesn't stay with me he always lied and hurt me but now he left me and went away. I don't know where he is, he said that he doesn't love me at all, he loves his girlfriend and he left me.
It's been nine months now and now he said that he want divorce... I don't understand anything with him.. I love him a lot, I cry everyday thinking about him... He hurt and lied to me and left me still I love him a lot ..
Please help me out what do I do?... Should l divorce him ??? Please tell me will he think one day about me or not? He won't think that he is doing wrong??? He won't regret or what??? Please help me, my English is bad sorry reply me please I need help am so lonely and hopeless please take me as your sister and help me out ...reply me please thank you.

I understood your mail and I can relate to your challenges in your marriage. Painfully you cannot cage a man who feels that he's not comfortable with you no matter what you do.
Though it would have been better if both of you could sit down and discuss your marriage so that if there were any loopholes, it would be addressed but from your mail, he has already left you and is living with another lady elsewhere and also demanding for a divorce.
If you wish to wait for him, I cannot tell how long you will need to wait and how long you wish to endure the pains, the loneliness, the lies and his cheating attitude.
If you feel that you cannot bear the pains and the emotional torture anymore, please give him what he wants and move on with your life.
That a marriage failed doesn't mean that you are not lovely or beautiful or attractive to other people. So do not lose your self esteem and confidence because he left you, but spend more time appreciating yourself and celebrate the uniqueness of your personality while you trust that God will bless you with a man who will love your imperfect perfection for the rest of your life.
You deserve to be happy and I will encourage not to forget that before you met him you were happy, even if he leaves, you can still be happy if only you can believe in yourself and appreciate the best in you.

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