Thursday, February 25, 2016

Will Money be a Challenge for Us?

Hello mummy, please I will like to know your view on this, I don't know if I'm selfish or self-centered. It's about my boyfriend late last year I needed money in school which my parents could not get on time so I asked him to borrow me till they give me at home which he refused saying he has plans for the money in his account I became angry though he begged me and wanted to later send it but I refused.
Now the same happened yesterday I was not allowed to write test, I called to just to tell him, he did the same thing saying he can't touch the remaining money in his account.
The point is ma I have emptied my account for this person when he was in school. Since that yesterday, I have not been happy cos we are planning to get married, I don't want money to cause quarrel in my marriage.
Please I need your advice thanks.

A friend who can help you in times of need is a friend who has your happiness and progress at heart. Granted that he has a right over his financial expenses but I'm a bit worried about his attitude towards his finances and you his fiancé or should I say his partner.
If he could treat his money in a more special way than you even when he could have been of help to you, then I'm worried that the trend will continue even after wedding.
The bottom line is that his money comes first before you and if you feel that you are comfortable with that, please do not ask him for help but help yourself by working hard and providing your own money but if you cannot cope with such an individual, there is no need getting married to him because he will not change in the nearest future.
You emptied your all for his education but he preferred to keep his money than to help you write your quiz. Well you need no prophet to tell you where his treasure is so advice yourself honestly to avoid regrets later on in your life.


  1. I love your advice aunty Amara. That's just the simple truth! If you love him so much that you can bear his love for money, go ahead, but you have to work hard to take care of your own needs. The ball is now in your court and the choice is yours to make

  2. Babe can you stand this? Kai if he can put his "money in the bank" first in times of health that means he will do the same in times of sickness, his type will never buy you a gift, take you out and make you fill like a woman or even make financial sacrifices most especially give money for monthly house upkeep aka allowance. The best language now is for you to RUN! RUN!! RUN!!; and never look his side. Bcos money ritualist are everywhere.


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