Friday, February 5, 2016

I'm in Love but Confused!

Good day madam, you are really doing a wonderful job here I mean your advice on some issues are so amazing. God bless you for that madam...
I met a girl on Facebook early 2014 and we became friends chatting until we exchanged number and started talking on phone, then in the year 2015 I had a business that warranted that I most travel to Nigeria. I said to myself, 'this is a better opportunity for me to meet with this lady' I called her and told her about the whole thing and she agreed to meet with me too.
I travelled home, I saw her and she looked good for my liking we stared dating meanwhile she was still in 300 level. Throughout my stay back home we were really into each other. Then I went back and we continued chatting and talking on phone and she fell in love with me I as well fall in love with her too, until after a while I saw a picture of her on her timeline in a wedding gown. When I asked her she told me the truth that she got married in 2015 not even a year old marriage before I came back and that she was afraid to tell me because she doesn't want to lose me and moreover that she has filed for divorce papers with her husband and they both agreed to go on their separate ways and her parents has approved it . These parent of hers doesn't know anything about us. I have not seen nor spoken to any of them. That the man she married was not her husband, there was no love or whatsoever between them.
When I heard this I immediately stopped her from calling and chatting with me but she wouldn't let go each time I manage to pick up her calls she says nothing but crying. As I am talking to you right now the church has given them a go ahead in order to marry whosoever they want to marry 'according to her'.
This was why I was very confused I don't know what to do since the Bible does not support a divorce and am in love with her now I don't know what to do. Please I need your advice on these ma .....

This lady is a perfect example of a desperate greedy and selfish lady that you shouldn't consider for marriage irrespective of the level of love that you have for her. She lied about her marital status and decided to divorce her husband because of a man who is living in abroad.
The real issue isn't that she's a divorcee but that she is desperate, and selfish in her quest to be married or attached to you. Whether her parents knows or not, whether her church has approved of her to remarry or has anointed her to marry you, kindly desist from this trap that may crush everything you have yearned for in life.
If she had told you the truth from the beginning and has already filed for a Divorce before you came in, that would have been a better ground for you to consider whether to marry her or not but having to go through the deceptive and manipulative route to convince you makes me feel that there's more to her than all you think you know about her.
I pray that God will open the eyes of your heart to avoid making a terrible decision in your choice of partner.

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