Friday, February 5, 2016

Is She Having an Affairs Outside?

Good evening ma'am, am a police officer married to an Akwa Ibom lady, with two beautiful bouncing baby girls. Before I married her we dated for two years, many of my friends condemned her that Akwa Ibom girls normally sleep outside their marriage but I decided to marry her.
I am indigene of Rivers state in Ikwerre local government, the problem is that the way she normally do before prove abortive, she hardly kissed me, and denied me of sucking of breast in times of making love.
Last night I came back from work, common greetings she refused to greet me. I ordered for my food before she provided it. So it's time to make love she denied me of sex complaining of stomach pain. This was the lady I trained in nursing. So I decided to teach her some lesson by beating her small, and I was on morning duty.
I ordered her to leave my house before I come back. Please ma does that mean she is having an affair outside? Thanks.

What if the small beating landed her in the mortuary, what would have been the content of your mail? What if you succeeded in destroying her vital organs or maiming her for life, what would you give as the reason for your actions? 
Nobody would condone her for starving you of sexual intimacy but there's no way she will be excited about having sex with you when you have failed to create a peaceful, secure, romantic and a relaxed atmosphere for her.
You give her orders and command her as your slave and who knows how much you provide for her to take care of the home and yet you have to humiliate her by reminding her that your friends doesn't trust her faithfulness. 
I feel that you need to help your wife love and appreciate you better by leaving your profession outside of your family. The opinions of your friends about your wife is not applicable to all women so it would be unfair for you to judge her for what you have no evidence of or no reason to accuse her of. 
You need to pamper your wife, apologise for beating her and bring her back home. Any man who chases his wife out to the streets is telling the world that he's not emotionally mature and psychologically discerning to manage his home and take care of your your family. 
Please under no circumstances or reasons should you beat your wife because you have no idea the impact of such action or what the consequences maybe. 
Sit your wife down and have a heart to heart discussion with her, find out what she's not happy about and find ways to meet some of her needs. When you come back from work, be kind and caring enough to find out how she's doing before ordering for your food. 
Petting and pampering your wife goes a long way to prepare her mind for sexual intimacy with you. Let her know the things that you crave for and find out how your sexual life can be improved to avoid any ego struggles and sexual starvation. 
Based on the available information in your mail, there is no evidence that your wife is cheating on you just because she denied you of sex rather it's an indication that there's a lot that you are not doing to support her or perhaps you have turned her to a sex slave who has no other option than to prepare your meal and open her legs all for your satisfaction while you run to your friends to receive manual on how to treat her, judge her and teach her lessons in your marriage. 
Please make amends oga police officer and please do not bring your training to your wife to avoid destroying the foundation of your marriage and the future of your beautiful children. 
Learn to work with your wife, pray with your family and leave friends out of your marriage so that you and your wife can become one in all your endeavours. 


  1. Well Said, Change your ways, you are clearly telling the world that you not a husband but a police officer with batton in your home.
    Husbands are not prejudiced, infidelity has nothing to do with place of origin but personality, so stop Suspecting your wife, if not you WON'T enjoy your marriage.

  2. Oga police u done hear ....ur matr dey fight boko haram ..u dey dey show ur wife lesson ... U are nt ashamed ..

  3. U gave her small beating BCOS U TRAINED HER IN NURSING (so u should kill her), asked her to leave and now u are here asking questions. What do u now want Amara to do???
    I don't even know why pple accept to marry police men (animals).
    Imagine!!! U ORDERED for ur food. Really?
    Are u in a police academy?
    Why am I even reading this SHIT???


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