Friday, February 12, 2016

Should I Believe Him?

A woman came to our house yesterday to look for my fiancé and she came straight upstairs to his bedroom and I asked who she wanted to see and without hesitation she just said his name and immediately entered the room. My fiance was in the bathroom and I informed him about the lady waiting in his room.
Now he's saying they have no strings attached. Please if there's no strings attached how come she comfortably came up to the bedroom other than staying down in the living room? He also claimed she knew he has a madam in the house (which is me).
Ma I just need your advice. Thanks.

Thank God that you put the "which is me" in bracket because in mathematics, when you expand the brackets or open the bracket, there could be so much deductions than you could possibly imagine and that's how a man's mind looks like.
For a lady to walk into your bedroom, hmmm, well maybe there's no strings attached but courtesy demands for your privacy and freedom in your bedroom.
But he could be right, no strings, only stitches. I'm not scaring you away but I think that you should have a heart to heart discussion with your fiancé and help him understand that you deserve some form of respect if there's no strings attached really and he should not be so generous with bringing everyone to your bedroom while you watch and pray that God will help you where you cannot help yourself.


  1. Mennnnn! No strings attached indeed

  2. I thank you for acting maturely. Both your guy and the woman have a lot in common. What it is, I may not know.

  3. No strings with such act,when will there be one,when u see him on top of her? hmmmm, just saying thou.

  4. I doubt if there is nothing between both! She even know her way to d bedroom. O dikwa egwu

  5. No string attached and she has the confidence to walk straight into your bedroom. Let your man explain to you the relationship he has with that lady so you can decide what next. Thank God he is your fiancé not husband. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage.

  6. Just be careful, don't jump into the marriage yet. A cheat will always cheat. If truly there was nothing, he would have asked her to wait for him in the living room immediately. Meanwhile, how did she know his room. These men sef.. ..SMH


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