Friday, February 12, 2016

Should I Consider Him?

Good morning ma. I really appreciate your selfless service. I have learnt a lot from you. Ma please, I need your candid advice.
I am a lady of 28 years, I have a guy I was dating two years ago, ma he cheats on me at will. Although we live close to each other, but he keeps bringing different kinds of girls into his home and when I confront him he will deny having any thing to do with them. I had to break up with him.
I got into another relationship but it did not work out between I and the second guy so we broke up. I am single at the moment and my first guy is back, begging me that I should forgive him and give him another chance.
In his words, " you should know I am a single guy, it is difficult to really be 100% faithful".
Ma, I love this guy but I am scared he might hurt me again. Another thing about him is that he is stingy. But I still love him and I don't know why. Ma please advice me. Thank you very much. God bless you.

My advice : he will never be faithful to you based on his words and if you are comfortable with the idea, then you may consider him. 
He is stingy which means that he's emotionally not the type that will be open to you, honest with you, considerate and selfless when it comes to you and the relationship. 
You cannot be in a relationship with a disaster and not end up crushed by him and you shouldn't let your age or the societal pressures push you into making a terrible decision on your choice of partner. 
It is wiser and better for you to be single and happy than to be in a relationship with a womaniser and a liar. Get yourself into your passion and allow God to bless you with your own partner. I have no idea why you should see all these glaring signs and still be considering a relationship with him. 
Please you deserve better than that and please do not go back to a relationship that may have a negative impact on your personality.


  1. Please think about anuty Ami advice. A stitch in time save 100...

  2. After telling you that he can't be honest, your still considering him? Even if you don't like yourself, other people like you. I will advice you to consider him if and only if your also a cheat.

  3. My advice is for you to engage yourself in things of God and try and bring him along. God is the only person that will bring the happiness your looking for.


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