Friday, February 19, 2016

What Could be the Cause of Her Problem?

Hi aunty Amara, good day to you and your fans.
There's something that has been bothering me for a while and I think it's time to share it here and sample opinions. I have a younger sister whom I care so much about, she's 19 now and lives an isolated life.
First of all, according to my mum, when she was a baby, she suffered from an illness that almost took her life, infact her survival story is still one of mummy's testimonies. We're are all very intelligent and brilliant in my family except her and I think it is as a result of the illness, but that's not really the major reason I'm worried. Madam, my younger sister is very stubborn! She stopped going to school when she was in JSS2   and all efforts to get her back to school has proved abortive as she kept insisting that she doesn't have the brain to write exams and pass, that's one reason I'm disturbed.

Another one is that she likes keeping to herself a lot . Most of the time when she's alone and sometimes with the family, she laughs alone and even so much that she begins to play with herself as though she were in the midst of friends. She has not always been like this, she had a friend in school who used to visit her until her family relocated, but ever since then, she has not been spotted with anyone. My sister doesn't even know her way around town apart from her former school and the church which she also stopped going. There was even a time she started seeing the people she knew were dead and told me that they would come to our house on a particular date which made me laugh but that was the last time she talked about dead people.

I gave her a phone to always operate when she's alone and it seemed to work until the phone got grounded and since then, she has not asked for a replacement. She's very powerful and hardworking. She goes downstairs to fetch water and lifts two 25 litres of water upstairs, I scolded her and reminded her that she's a lady, in fact I made her stop it. I deliberately picked a fight with her and reconciled by buying her gifts and giving her some money, sometimes my mom wonders how I manage to get to obey me without much noise, it makes me happy.

I'm thinking of taking her everyday to my place of work just to make sure she's not alone, I think that would make her stop laughing and playing with herself I think. Do you agree? What do you think is the cause of her problem? Is it medical or spiritual? She's such a darling when she's not alone and I will do anything to make her change. I love her so much. Please help and thanks a lot in anticipation.

Her challenge may be a medical challenge which could be as a result of the sickness during the formative stage of her life.
From what you described, the sickness may have had a negative impact on her cerebrum which could be the reason why she maybe under pressure and tension whenever she thinks of examination, reading and writing. It may also be part of the reasons why she doesn't associate with anyone nor can she remember things easily.
It's also the reason for her weird communication pattern and dynamic emotions. I do not want to bore you with the specifics of the brain that is responsible for her behavioral pattern but understanding that what she's experiencing at the moment is beyond what she bargained for will help everyone around her to appreciate her with much love and understanding irrespective of her attitude.
Structural changes like taking her to the place of work or putting her in a new place may have a different impact on her as she may perceive it differently and as a result react in a weird manner one of which may be leaving you for an unknown location in search of anything.
She is naturally afraid of people which tells to a greater extent why she isn't outspoken or why she doesn't associate with others even in the house. While there could be some drugs that maybe helpful to correct some of the defects, it maybe difficult to totally correct the defects of her brain.
I will encourage you to take her to a specialist hospital or a teaching hospital where her brain will be examined and they will give you suggestions on how to manage her and support her.
For now please do not stop loving her and supporting her, she will learn to appreciate it even though it may take a longer time but with much love and patience, she will always be happy at home. Can she try education or any other thing that may require her brain? Only God can help her get whole from the effects of the sickness.
Please be encouraged by God's word and please do not give up on your precious sister but do your part and support her in any way possible to help her improve in her personal relationship with others and never give up praying for her.


  1. in line with what Aunty Amara has said, it may or may not be autism or even dyslexia but whatever it is, seek a neurologist. Also, if academics is not really a thing for her due to the condition, find out what best she can do. what other skill does she have?..... music, art, etc. Find out and help her develop such skill probably in a special training school in such skill.
    Encourage family to love her as every other member of the family.
    it's well with her.

  2. It myt b spiritual.myt b possessed.HV her delivered.
    She can acquire a skill like ezinne said

  3. Ur sister has dyslexia, u need to see the movie 'like stars on earth' it will encourage u. All she needs is love.


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