Monday, March 21, 2016

Am I on the Right Path?

Good day ma. May God bless you for the ways you have been touching lives. I would like to know your opinion on this: I met a guy December 2014 and we started dating. At a point, I asked that our relationship be defined but he said time will tell. This led to a stop in our communication. We got back together again, he started asking for romance because I told him no sex in our relationship. After some time, I gave in to his demand. He continued asking for romance and of late has asked for sex, I asked him what is keeping our relationship from moving to the next level and he said he doesn't know whether marrying me or parting with me is the best option that I should pray for God's will to be done. And I've been praying.
It happened that our fellowship leader wanted to introduce me to a brother who wants to marry. I have not been told who the brother is because after telling me, he (our leader) said I should keep praying. Then some days later, one of the customers I attended to at my working place said he wanted to discuss marriage with me but that weekend I was on duty and he asked if we can see after work, I told him I don't stay out later than 8pm because I live in someone's house and won't want to come in late so he suggested that we exchange numbers and I should call him when I will be off duty.
Now my confusion is should I wait for our fellowship leader to introduce his person to me or go ahead and call the other guy. As for the person I was dating I'm thinking of forgetting him once any of these other two guys show some seriousness. I don't know if I'm on the right path. Ma please your advice is needed. Thanks in anticipation.

Where I had some reservations for your mail was where you said that you thought of forgetting your first partner once any of those two guys showed some seriousness.
You needed not remain in a hopeless relationship and then wait or hope to meet another man, before quitting the relationship. If it's not working for you, please quit the relationship and remain single instead of appearing to be in a relationship but within your heart, you are single.
A man who doesn't know whether getting married to you or terminating the relationship was the best for him, a man who requested sex after receiving romance is not necessarily interested in any form of commitment but is out to test the breast, the lips and the vagina before leaving you for another lady.
I would suggest that you call the man who asked for a date, I mean courtesy demands that you return a call since you had an agreement to do so. It doesn't mean that you are getting married to him but it will create an enabling environment to communicate with each other and know what he has to offer and whenever your youth leader sends his own friend, you can also meet with him and then decide who to date but do not for any reason date both of them or compare between both of them.
If you are not comfortable or convinced about one of them, no need for much prayers, simply let him go so that you can work with one and then decide whether to take it to the next level or bid him goodbye.
At your age you maybe tempted to go for anyone who is serious, but I will encourage you not to rush into any man because marriage in itself is beyond wedding and you will be frustrated if you get married to the wrong personality.
Entrust everything to God in prayers, be patient and allow the Holy spirit to reveal God's purpose for your marriage so that you can enjoy the marriage of your youth.

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