Thursday, March 24, 2016

He Has no Respect for my Emotions!

I got married in 2013 to a man and since then he has been cheating and cheating. His family doesn't like me, so they support him no matter what he does. He works in the rig with an oil firm, whenever he is off work, he travels to meet his numerous girlfriends, he refuses to take my calls, when he does, it's on "code" (acting as if I am his sister or something like that on phone, calling me "Sis" etc).
His siblings only make things worse when I ask them to please talk to him. He isn't there for me and my two year old son. I feel so terrible whenever I see him back from work, cos he just makes me sad with this attitude. Whenever I try talking to him calmly about this attitude, I am so unhappy with my marriage to him, I cry every day. He has no iota of respect for my feelings.

One of the weaknesses of many who work in the rig is that they enjoy womanising and they don't see anything wrong with infidelity as long as they provide all you need and can provide extra to buy cars and goodies that you love. 
In a drilling rig for example, it's either you are drinking or smoking or womanising, it's just rare to find few who doesn't participate in any of those and they perceive them as being weird and abnormal.
So if you already knew that it was his habit before you decided to marry him, then you may need to give him some time, pray for him and be patient with him because in his conscience, he doesn't see anything wrong with that. 
However if you never knew about that and you have discussed with him and he doesn't make any effort to amend his ways, you may wish to talk to someone who he respects and listens to and then allow him or her to talk to him and intervene in your marriage while you pray and intercede on his behalf for your family. 
If you cannot cope with his infidelity and you are already depressed and emotionally unstable, please take a break and return home so that both of you can work on that and agree on what's workable for you and your husband. 
While it's good to pray, it's also great not to take the risk of exposing yourself to sexually transmitted infections and diseases or put your health in danger thereby making you unable to cater for your son. 
You must take adequate measures to protect yourself and communicate effectively with him towards resolving this demon that's threatening your marriage. 
Battling against infidelity requires wisdom, patience, effective prayers and mutual sacrifices for you to overcome.

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