Saturday, March 5, 2016

Her Poor Knowledge Puts me Off!

Greetings Aunty Amara. I need your candid advise. Got into a relationship with her two years ago. Then she was still in her second year but l was working in different state. Am 32 while she is 23. She had all exceeding virtues a man can think of in a woman.
But the main problem l have with her is that she hates reading. I have tried all l could to change that aspect of her trait to no avail. I observed her intellect is poorly developed because she doesn't read. To my greatest chagrin she bagged third class on her recent degree result.
Honestly I like women who have knowledge upstairs. Should l continue with her please, her behaviour is very comely but her poor knowledge put me off most times and impede my communication with her. What do l do please!

Market is a very big area with so many varieties of products and services. Some cheap, some expensive, some fake, some genuine, some raw and some refined, you buy what you need and leave the ones that you don't like or have the resources to purchase. 
That is how the relationship is, you go for what you believe that you need and what you cherish but not to abuse, reduce or degrade another individual just because you feel that she's not intellectually competent. 
If you wish to marry an educated lady, please kindly go for a professor or a first class graduate but if you feel that you want a lady who will give you the peace of mind and help you succeed in all your endeavours, then you may consider the intellectually poor lady. 
If you also wish to have both intelligence and attitude in one lady, there're two options, either you search for one or you create one for yourself but under no circumstances should you look at a lady that was created by God and make mockery of her personality just because you love her. 
Love is not necessarily going for what you want, it also includes giving what you have to your partner and helping her become who you are. She won't be the last lady who bagged third class and for your information, most of them are married and doing exceptionally well in their homes. 
So sit down and sort yourself out so that you don't make a mistake in your marriage but I'm wondering why it took you two years to discover this. 


  1. Thumb up for this your comment AVL.inukwa m some men self.

  2. Good response.. As per after two years o

  3. Good response.. As per after two years o

  4. Amara CHUKWU CHUKWU gozie gi.
    It took this...(don't let me call u names) 2 years to realise she is an olodo!
    It is either u are eyeing her friend or u have seen another girl that will put u in trouble.
    Mr. 1st class, biko leave d poor gurl alone and more on. U sure do not deserve her.
    I hope u made more than a 1st class in school???!!!

  5. Mr. Man did it occur to you that she might have poor eye conditions or other reading disorders like dyslexia. If you really loved her, you would have tried to find out why she is not interested in reading.


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