Wednesday, March 16, 2016

He's Been Insulting and Calling Me Names!

Please help me out am confused...
I happen to meet a guy last year we started dating am 24 years and he is 34 years which he said he was planning to get married because the lady he supposed to marry they both turned out to be AS so I agreed to date him...
One thing lead to another we both had sex which I regretted. Now my problem is I went for test and found out that I contracted staphylococcus which I have treated and told him about result of the test.
Since then he has been insulting me, calling me names... Now am ashamed of myself I don't know if being open about my test result was wrong.

Sometimes I wonder what was this one thing that lead to another.. Lol but what do I know?
Uncle Staphylococcus is not an air borne agent but a contact agent, he can visit in a dirty environment like the toilets and he can also spread his gift through the one thing leading to another, I meant through sexual intercourse.
It's actually safer and advisable for your sexual partner to be informed so that he could get treated and avoid carrying the infection for a longer period of time thereby developing into something that might render him impotent.
While you could have avoided the infection by zipping up, you did well by informing him and from his reactions, it's obvious that he doesn't love you but wanted to ease his penis but he's nagging because he's worried that he doesn't know whether he's infected or not.
Forgive yourself and forgive him too and learn from this that a man who maybe talking about marriage maybe looking for sex and not any committed relationship so if you wish to always allow one thing to lead to another, you may end up investing more in the hospitals than you ought to do in your life and destiny.

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