Thursday, March 3, 2016

His First Wife Wants my Partner Back!

Aunty please I need your advice. Am into a relationship with father of two plus mine three. The case with the mother of his two kids is in court for their divorce. The family accepted me to come since I never knew their problems with my husband's first wife.
Aunty please my problem now is the first wife still say in court that she wants the marriage back and my husband insists that such marriage can never work out again. Because of much their domestic violence and dragging his manhood each time they have issues , not in good term with his family.
Fond of stripping him naked outside each time they have misunderstandings that lead him to leave with his friend for more than a year. Please I need your advice I have a child and am pregnant with another for him. .
I was also married and divorced before I met him. They was no child. Please advise me.

Please steer clear of his marriage and allow him to sort out his life and his marital challenges.
That his family accepted you and loves you doesn't in any way mean that you have a legal right to intrude in their challenges.
As at today, he's married and until he has divorced his wife and has been issued with a certificate of divorce, you don't have any relationship with him.
As for his baby, keep the baby and prepare yourself to take care of your baby and your health.


  1. I just hope ur not the home recker?how can u already have a baby and anoda one on d way for a man who is yet to divorce his wife.u need to consult ur bible if ur a christian and seek Gods face and mercy.u helped the man in destroying his marriage and probably in future mayb d first wifes faith awaits u

  2. Jesus hates divorce, a Man or Woman can only divorce in the case of infidelity with proof,and that's only if any of the party involved cannot trust his/partner any more, on the other hand divorce is done if the husband or wife being an unbeliever wishes to leave the marraige,and the person leaving should be the unbeliver who is leaving because he or she isn't a Christian and does not tolerate any wrong doings in the marraige, meaning the Christian shouldnt be the one to file for divorce in the first place.
    These above are the only 2 reasons why a divorcee can marry again apart from death or missing of a partner for several years of searching for that partner.Divorce was brought by Moses because of the sturbborness of Man,all what I said above is from Moses laws,but Jesus hates divorce that is why we have to be prayerful and careful before we get married, and before we decide to marry a divorcee,we have to know what caused the previous divorce and any case has to be resolved before you put your life in trouble or into what your not supposed to be in,in the first place.I hope I haven't offended anyone with my answer on divorce. God should help you and always remember that marraige is for better for worse and only death can end marraige not even a serious quarel because if your marraige is life threatening, you can separate for healing process and come back if you feel your life is no longer threathend but within these periods a new marraige must not take place except the death of any of the partner.I just had to go into little details of divorce. Shine your eye before you marry or rather stay single if you can't handle holy matrimony because it's also like Priesthood too.Stay blessed everyone.

  3. Exactly my take, I hope you were not a contributing factor to their separation, you knew he was married and not divorced and you let him get you pregnant twice. my dear sister what ever you sow you will reap

  4. its not your fault!he was dating you!and not dating wife !its very omportant for you to understand!i hope everything will be okay!good luck


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