Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I Can't Seem to Forgive my Mum!

Morning Ma..... my heart is heavy and I have decided to let your readers decide for me my next action. My dad and my mum have been having issues for a while now. Based on what was going on between the two of them most times it's my mum who was usually at fault. This time around my dad got frustrated and told my mum he would be sending a little boy of 13 years that was staying with them out if she didn't change. My folks stay in a room self contain whilst the little boy and his siblings stay in a two bedroom apartment courtesy of the UN. Their dad died in the bomb blast whilst their mum died before the last born was born.
So she took the youngest of them in. And we use to be seven of us living in a self contain before she brought him. My dad was against it before because of how small our place was but he finally gave in. My dad has single handedly taken up the welfare of this lovely family because my mum is a full time housewife.
Recently she has changed always trying to control my dad, trying to manipulate things to always go her way and my dad said he wasn't going to take it anymore. She is an extremely jealous woman. There was a time when I was younger and in private university. She borrowed my school fees from me promising to pay back and she couldn't. I missed my exams and my grades dropped because of this. She used the money for business.
When my dad got to know he had to pay another one. Out of five of us. My dad sent four of us to private university without her assistance because she doesn't work. Now recently she has grown wings according to my diabetic dad who just got retired. She treats him badly with no respect at all for him. This lovely family I talked about earlier get money from UN running into millions and they live well on it. My mum didn't care about me especially when I was growing up, I got molested several times under her nose without her knowing for years and she never came to see me in school. I was like a rejected child but I thank God I came out okay.
Now my dad sent this boy back to their house. They stay on the same street and my mum has been telling me since last week that something bad will happen to my dad if he doesn't take the boy back. She said the "holy spirit" told her but I didn't take her seriously because whenever she wants to have her way she always says the holy spirit said this or that.
Anyways this morning she woke me up around 5am in the morning and mind you I am married to a wonderful husband and I am heavily pregnant. She said if I don't convince my dad to take the boy back that I'll die or my unborn child will die and when I told her I wasn't going to continue to listen to her because she is too dependant on the boy for house chores and he assists her a lot, she said just in case it happens I shouldn't say she didn't warn me.
This is coming from my biological mother. To say I am very angry is saying it mildly. I called my dad immediately and he said he'll take the boy back but I can't seem to forgive my mum. She compromised my safety and that of my child just to have her way. Please help me what do I do?

Please steer clear from anybody or anyone irrespective of who they are or how they're related to you. The truth is that the devil can use anyone to accomplish his purpose but the good news is that you are already a conqueror and an overcomer and you needed not be worried. 
You would have seen that you are not ordinary and you would have seen the way God will reward her for swearing with an innocent blood and blasphemed against the Holy spirit.
Forgive her, release her to God but under no circumstances should you get close to her because a mother who would wish her own child death or her grand child evil is indeed in need of divine intervention. 
Pray that God will show mercy to her and deliver her from the spirit of darkness in Jesus name Amen. 
Because you are carrying the seed of the most high, because you are saved by the blood of the lamb, because we are serving a living God and the ancient of days, I am standing on God's authority to decree to you and your baby that no evil shall come near you, you shall deliver safely and in sound health. There shall be crying of your baby and you shall embrace your baby with love and gratitude in Jesus name Amen. 
It is well with you, go and don't worry anymore. As for the challenge of your dad and mum, I'm certain that they will resolve it the best way possible for their marriage. 


  1. Wow!!!, i cant stop praying for you Aunty Amara. Your wisdom amazes me. The advise and prayer is really candid..

  2. Why on earth will a mother act this way?. Someone who suppose to be the pillar the children and hubby should hold on to. This is appalling and very sad. My sister, hold on to the word of God and pray seriously for ur baby, yourself and husband. Don't allow the wicked ones of this wicked world harm. I pray for you, u r save in the hollow of God's hands. No evil will befall u, and ur home in Jesus Precious name. Amen.

  3. See useless mother, the best thing for you is to just avoid her and be prayerful

  4. My dear, if you know what is good for you, run to any MFM (mountain of fire and miracle church). near you. Dont take those words for granted. The word has been spoken, and you have to speak this same word to destroy that word that was spoken.
    I am speaking from experience, my mom has been the enemy of her children, and we never knew...not until I wanted to get married b4 the wmhole thing came out. If not for my mom-in-law that took up my matter and introduce me to MFM, I would have been a forgotten issue by now. But Glory be to God I have my own kids, with my wonderful husband.
    Don't take it for granted. Pray....and Avoid her now.


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