Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Don't Want to Make a Mistake, Help!

Good evening ma,aunty Amara,please ma, I have a problem which I like to share with you so that you can advice me on what to do ma.
Am B, I'll be 28 years by May this year,am dating a guy since 2012, he loves me a lot, he is cool, handsome, humble, caring. He creates time for me even if he has no time, he listens to my attention, and above all, he has a very good plan for me, he always wanted something good for me.
At first I did not take the relationship serious but later I developed feeling for him, but the problem there is that, he is a Muslim guy. At first, my parents did not accept the relationship because am from a Christian family, both my parent are CAC member while I am a RCCG member even a worker in the church. I joined ushering department last year, but later my parents gave in, saying that who knows maybe I'll be the one to change him to become a Christian. Anytime I went to a man of God for prayers about him, immediately they hear his name, they won't even border to pray before they started criticizing him. The last pastor I went to, for prayer was the only one that prayed over it, he asked me to gave him three days to pray over it that I should call him the third day, which I did. That was when he told me what he saw, he said that everything I'll be fine at the start but later in 15 to 20 years that I'll face a big problem that, that problem I'll be so big that I'll pack my load and leave his house.
I don't know the kind of problem I'll face then, am scared, have tired all my best to break the relationship but it's not working, I even wanted to used the idea of dating another person but another guy refused to come in. For some months now, single guys did not approach me except married man, am fed up. I don't know what to do again, please ma advice me am confused, I don't want to make mistake in life, am single, I have not given birth to any child before. I want to have a happy marriage life, I want to enjoy what they call marriage not to endured in marriage. Please for God's sake help me. Thanks a lot ma,may God blessed you more.

When I finished reading your mail, all I could think of was Lord please teach your children how to pray. I become so weak whenever I see workers and Christians seeking for prayers from one pastor to another prophet. To be candid, it's discouraging and it shows that many people do not understand what it means to commune with the Holy spirit in prayers and have resorted to prayer contractors to intervene. I hope and pray that God will teach his children how to seek him and commune with him.
When it comes to who to settle down with, there are basic decisions that you must make on the spot to avoid seeking some unnecessary prayers and prophesy.
One is your place of worship. Will you be willing to marry a partner from another religion? Will you accept a partner from a particular place of worship that you are not comfortable with? Are you willing to let go of your place of worship for any other place of worship in the name of love?
The second thing that you must have at the tip of your finger is your genotype because it has a great influence in determining who to settle down with.
And the final thing is your HIV status and the status of your intending partner so that both of you can be prepared for anything that both of you have agreed to or accepted.
These things don't need any prayer point but a personal conviction and decision because they have direct impact on your personality and your marriage.
Hoping to change a partner is a deadly decision to take because you are not the owner of his life and may never succeed in changing a man who doesn't see any need for a change.
So go back to your drawing board and ask yourself some critical questions, weigh your options in both sides and decide on what's best for you. If getting married to the Muslim is the best option because single men are exhausted, then you may go ahead and hope that God grants the desire of your heart. But have this at the back of your mind that spiritual compatibility is not what anyone will decide for you because heavenly race is personal and not collective venture.


  1. Aunty Amara have said it all,if think get married to him is big enough for u to sacrifice ur faith,ur heavenly race etc then go ahead but bear it in mind dat he might force u to join his faith and have u also consider dat everyman will want his kids to practise his faith.don't ever tink he will follow u to ur church and dnt decieve urself wt the slagon of God can do all tinz,coz ur just puting God to test

  2. Sweetheart this is not a mistake but you are confused well please study your bible and know what the scriptures says,be not be equally yoke with unbelievers,when you marry him that is when you will know him o.a word is a enough for a wise.May the Lord Lead you out of that relationship in the name of Jesus.AMEN

  3. I don't know where in the bible that says Muslim are unbeliever?
    when I read this post I was kin on water amara will advice if she will be sentimental about religion but I see non of that.
    My addition is this, ask him if he will allow u to practice ur religion. If that what ur most fear. Also stop seeking pastor or prophecy for to God yourself and pray. What you ask for is what God will give you.God never leave his faithful

  4. Their is nothing like asking him if he would allow u to keep ur religion, once u get married to him its a must that u must convert and follow him to his religion, a muslim family can never accept an onbeliever as their daughter-in-law and even if ur husband accepts now after marriage he would force u to convert and change ur christian name and ways, i dont accept that no other man around eccept him, just dress responsibly and be nice to people u will see ur man knocking on ur door, wish u all the best


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