Sunday, March 20, 2016

Oh Christians! Where is thy Conscience?

Christianity has been reduced to ceremonies and clubs where our focus is on the number of individuals who attend a service instead of the number of lives that are transformed by the Holy spirit.
We spend thousands of dollars inviting guest artists, comedians, and preachers while members die of hunger.
You go about advertising your church and using every means to bring the crowd to your church but many are starving of the truth with no means of livelihood.
You are a prominent member in your church and God has blessed you with riches and a comfortable life. Your dressing alone can pay the school fees of fifty students but that's not your concern.
You have mansions everywhere and every month thousands of dollars enter your account but even the least among you cry and go home empty.
You are very close to the pastor and you seek prayers every week but you don't have the heart to help those in need, those who can't dress well and those that you know you can help.
You stay in your mansion and decry the poor state of the economy but ma, your bag's worth can bless the lives of hundred individuals and put food on their table and yet it doesn't concern you. Sir, you could employ some of them and equip them to become useful for themselves but no, it doesn't move you. Your relatives live with you, they do every work in your house but you keep them at home while you send your children to the most expensive schools.
You live in a seven bedroom duplex, your son is in Canada and your daughter is in America while your third child lives in Germany but you and your wife live in the mansion alone while the rooms are empty and you comfortably go to church in your porsh vehicles to worship God.  We have so many hopeless, and homeless people around you, none of your business.
Heavenly pastor, you preach love everyday, you preach giving everyday, your eloquence is second to none and even the members are moved to scream, shout and sow seeds as you preach but you are too busy to reach out to your fold, you have so much to do that you don't even consider visiting those who you minister to, listen to them, and pray with them.
Oh Christian, where is your conscience?
This was not the gospel that was delivered to us and it can never be. You may have all the good intentions but without love and reaching out to help, to care, to support, and to strengthen one another, our sermon is in vain.
The greatest way to evangelize to unbelievers is not by quoting all the scriptures and organising expensive crusades and outreaches; it is by reaching out to help them at the very point of their need.
If God has blessed you, please choose to be a blessing to others even if it be one person.
If God placed you in a position to help, there is no need to say 'God bless you', put it in practice and be a blessing to him.
If someone comes to apply for a job and your company doesn't have any openings, give the applicant a transport fare and wish her well.
Stop being just a member and a worker in your church and choose to touch lives for good. Pay attention to your neighbours and surprise them with something that will help them.
Let our Christianity not be that of preaching the gospel but let us live the gospel. Help those in need even if they're not related to you or your church.
Things are hard and there's no need to pretend about that and God desires that we reach out to the broken, the challenged, the abused, the weak, and those who are poor.
Every individual you meet has a need and no matter your story , you can be a source of help, hope, and strength to someone.
When we choose to emulate the early Christians who shared with love and genuine affection, when we choose to care as though we are crazy, when we choose to intercede and intervene for the sake of those who are struggling and suffering, we will bring God's glory in our land and win many souls to the glory of God.


  1. Keep saying the this truth big sister, christianity these days is for the enrichment of the ministers not for the possitte transformation of the people. God bless you big.

  2. It is no more house of God.but house of wealth. Vanity upen vanity. All is vanity. Pls do remind them of six ft awaits each an every one...

  3. The have commercialized the house of God.because of earthly things.God is watching.


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