Saturday, March 19, 2016

Should Pastors and Prophets Decide Who to Marry?

We are living in a time where we have many prophesies and revelations concerning who to marry and who not to marry. 
Painfully we also have gullible individuals who no longer seek the face of God but seek the opinions and views of the "men of God" concerning who they should settle down with. 
To start with, your pastor and prophet has no business with who you decide to marry except to counsel you but not to decide who to marry because marriage was not ordained by any man of God but by God himself. 

If as a lady or a man you are busy looking for a prayer house, a pastor, a prophet and the prayer contractors to tell you whether sister A or Brother B is your wife and husband respectively, you are of all men the most miserable because it is an evidence that your prayer altar is dead and buried and anyone who cannot seek the face of God when it comes to deciding who to marry has no business getting married to anyone because when there's a little challenge or difficulties or delays, he or she will begin to fret and look for prophets to prophesy. 

When it comes to deciding who to marry, you must have a personal relationship with God, so that you can create a platform to communicate and commune with him in such a manner that when anyone opens his heart to express his intentions, the Holy spirit will minister in your heart who you are dealing with. 
You must be spiritually discerned to understand what spirit he possesses and his attitude as a man or lady. You must be very very sensitive to the Holy spirit so that you can hear him out of the many noise and distractions that may influence your thoughts.

Pastors and priests were not ordained to select wives and husbands for anyone and anyone who makes you feel that it's his calling is only out to destroy your life totally. What God has ordained them to do is point you to God's word, teach, expose, and help you have a better understanding that every individual is a spiritual being and that they are either of God or of the devil. So quit submitting names and addresses of individuals seeking for prayers and prophesies to determine whether he's the one or she's not the one.

You must be very clear on that and avoid anyone who comes telling you that his pastor or her prophet said this or that about the other. Anyone who depends on pastors and prophets for their marriage partner is a baby Christian and should not be taken serious at all.
Go to God in prayers, seek his face and when you need some clarifications and suggestions consult a counsellor or a Christian who will not tell you who to marry and who not to marry (talking about God's will). 

I'm not in anyway saying that prophesies and seeking for prayers is bad but when it comes to deciding on who to settle down with, you must hear from God yourself and not for your mother, father, friend, and pastor to tell you how you should marry D or dump E. 
You must have genuine convictions beyond every reasonable doubt that he or she is the one that you are willing to give your heart to for the rest of your life in marriage. 
If you are not convinced or comfortable with a particular choice of partner please do not allow anything or anyone to impose his or her choice on your life because you may struggle for the rest of your life in your marriage. 

When Adam woke up and saw Eve, he needed nobody to tell him who she was because he was so convinced that he gave her a name and also gave her his inheritance as the bone of his bone. 
You must have the kind of conviction that no matter the threat or the circumstances that life may subject you to, you won't be shaken or perturbed but will hold unto God who gave you the privilege to experience marriage.

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  1. Should Pastors and Prophets Decide Who to Marry?

    The answer is capital NO. The so called pastors or prophets should manage their breaking homes and wayward kids first before making marriage decisions for others.


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