Saturday, March 19, 2016

Why Did He Abandon Me?

We are always quick to judge people for turning back on their spouse in hard times. The fact remains that only the two people in a relationship truly know what its all about. That man can go about complaining to those who care to listen.  He can shout it from the roof top that his wife left him for another man because he is broke. That woman can cry out blood just to tell you how mean her husband is and how he abandoned her at the hospital for another woman.

I know there are evil women and men. I know that there are many without conscience.  But I also know that there are many good men and women who did/do what they did/do because of what their spouse did to them.

Sir, your wife left you now that you are broke; what was your relationship with her like when you had it all? Were you busy enjoy yourself with your sin partners at the expense of your home? Were you not always insulting her and telling her how useless she was? Were you not constantly reminding her that she wouldn't amount to anything in life without you?
Madam, he left you at the hospital for another woman; are you sure that your reason for being in that hospital isn't why he abandoned you? You suffered with him when it was bad only for him to become a king and marry a new queen; are you sure you were not already separated and on your way out before you heard he's the next king? You married him when he had nothing and spent your hard-earned money on him. What kind of hell did you put him through while helping him to get back on his feet? Did you not constantly put him down and insult him before your fellow big girls?

Lesson: If your spouse will stand by and with you in your low moment, please treat him/her right when you are up there.  Many people, especially women, may not speak a word, but they are waiting and hoping to teach you some lessons someday. 

And you that is not a part of the relationship, be careful with your words. Things are not always what they seem to be. Ours is a society where people can swallow every rubbish for 20 years without complaining. That he or she never talked about it doesn't mean it never existed.


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