Wednesday, March 16, 2016

She Experiences Pains During Sex!

Ma, I have gone back to Nigeria but there is a serious issue at hand now concerning my wife, I was the person that chatted you a long time ago, this issue I am talking about had been going on even before I travelled out since 2010.
Any time I made love to my wife, she always complained of having a serious pain and the worst part of it was that after managing to make love to her, all the sperm that was released inside her will pour out the moment we finished and she is very worried about it.
Ma please help us because we don't know what to do, we are very confused right now. Thank you ma for all the advise you have given to us and others.

If she's having serious pains, it could be that you don't spend quality time with foreplay and caressing before penetrative sex which could affect the degree of her wetness before penetrative sex.
To help her and to enhance your sexual intimacy, spend quality time with foreplay, caress her breast, suck her nipples (it's not for babies alone lol) kiss her passionately, play pleasurably with her clitoris and lick her clitoris if you don't mind.
You may also caress her g-spot by inserting two of your clean and well trimmed fingers inside her vagina and try the come here sign using your finger tips.
As you do these you will observe the contraction of her floor muscles and the wetness of her vagina. In a scenario where she didn't produce enough lubricants for penetrative sex, you may reach out for a water based lubricant and apply it on the walls of her vagina and on your penis before thrusting inside her.
This will help ease off the pains of your thrusting and help her to relax during sexual intercourse.
You may also try deep penetration positions like the missionary position where she will place a pillow under her buttocks so that your sperm will get to the neck of her womb at the shortest possible time and she may also need to stay back for a while before leaving the room for some other things. Also you can try the doggy style position where she kneels with her knees and hands while you thrust from behind so that you can have a deeper penetration and also stimulate the g-spot and her clitoris at the same time.
Both of you need to relax so that you can enjoy your sexual intimacy with little or no pains or stress.
If after applying lubricants or adequate foreplay and she's still experiencing pains, you may need to consult with the gynaecologist to examine her vagina and check if her hymen was properly broken or if she has an infection or any other peculiar challenges for proper treatment.

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