Thursday, March 10, 2016

Should I Continue with Her or Quit?

Good Morning ma'am please take your time to read my story cos it's a bit long am very sorry for that but a man gat to tell his story cos we all have a story to tell....Thanks!!.

Am Mr. V and a student of one of the federal universities in the country and my woman is also in the same school with me, she did diploma but did not get admission which made her wrote this Jamb and I will graduate this November by His Grace and I also run a small business.

We have been dating for seven months now and I love her very much and intend growing old with her in holy matrimony even though some of my friends and family members advised me not to cos she is from Imo state. Ma'am she possess all the qualities I want in a woman physically and otherwise even though I don't know if she's hiding her character for me now but that's not the issue, the is that I don't know if she will make I good wife and a good mother to our kids cos this valentine I asked her some question which she revealed a shocking thing to me that got me worried.
I have been suspecting that she's cheating so I decided to ask her but she said no so I asked her does it mean that since we met no one has made love to her but she told me that her friend's brother made love to her but it wasn't intentional and it just happened accidentally so I told her that it's all good and that the devil I know is better than the angel I don't know and that it doesn't change my love and feelings for her, but ma'am inside me I was burning and full of thoughts, questions kept running through my mind.

Another problem is if we have issues my business will not be going well again but if we make up everything will be normal again and if I make her cry I get headache or heart pain but immediately she forgives me I get better within few minutes I have thought of quitting but I can't cos I love her so much.

Why will all these happen each time we have issues or each time I make her cry??.

Ma'am am this person that believes that a woman should not put all her eggs in one basket but in this case our relationship is well defined so why will she cheat on me? Coming to me I was a very bad play boy when it comes to women but since I met her I decided not to cheat on her cos I found love in her so why will she cheat on me, some times she gives me her phone to read one text that a girl sent her calling her names but out of curiosity I checked our messages and I saw a love text she replied to a guy calling him her hero and telling him how much she misses him and how he has a place in her heart and no one else but I chose to ignore that one.

Again if we are walking on the street she gets praises from men for her beauty to the extent that a man in his late thirty's jammed me with his car where he was looking at her while trying to avoid being hit by another car. Ma if I may say she is indeed beautiful and very intelligent but some times all the praises she gets from men makes her feel like she is the only girl in this world and I don't like that.

Now my question is with all these things I have seen in her should I still go ahead and grow old with her or should I just quit?

Is she going to change cos I don't want to marry a wayward, unfaithful and a cheating woman.

Please I need answers now!!!!!

Because of the urgency of your mail, I had to shutdown what I was doing to attend to your mail.. Lol 
Well in all sincerity it would be wiser to date an ugly and a faithful lady who will give you peace of mind and happiness than to date a very beautiful lady and then share her body with other men (sorry accidentally).
While you can ignore some other weaknesses of a lady, I will personally not encourage you to ignore a cheating lady because you will be choked with anger, disappointment and bitterness. You cannot trust her nor can you be certain that her children are yours really that's if you eventually get married to her. 
So sit her down and literally let her know that you can tolerate and manage other forms of her weaknesses but the decision of whether to commit her spirit soul and body solely to you or to share her body with other men is what she must spell out and let you know her stand in your relationship. 
Sex is not accidental because every penis is attached to a man, just as the vagina is attached to a lady so there must be some efforts and mutual consent for sex to be a reality and not an accident lol. 
If she's not willing to commit herself to the relationship and you don't trust in her personality, kindly let her go and focus on investing in your business and going for a lady who will help you prosper in your business and also give you the peace of mind. 
Beauty will fade away so there's no need to count on her beauty and forget your emotional, psychological and spiritual needs. 
Her firm breast will someday be flat, her curvy body will give way with time and her spotless face will give way for wrinkles but a beautiful, faithful and a trustworthy heart will never fade away with time. Seek that which will stand the test of time and not that which fades with time. 
This has absolutely nothing to do with her place of origin but has so much to do with her personality and her convictions in life. 
Thank God that you have repented from being a playboy, please never go back to playing with the emotions of naive ladies and allow God to bless you with the wife of your youth. 

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