Thursday, March 17, 2016

What Should I Do?

Hello ma,you are a blessing to me and I will forever put you and your family in prayer..
Ma, am tired,am a bsc holder studying in India presently still on my professional course... Have dated two guys before I met this guy am dating and I never hide anything from him.. He claimed to love me and he made our relationship a silent one... No one knew about it even when his friends asked him, he said he doesn't have a girl..
Our relationship was two years last week... Ma I noticed some things about him so I downloaded a call recorder hidden in his phone, I'll listen to his conversation when he's asleep.. Ma I heard lots of things imagine my guy patronising prostitutes... To the extent that they stole his money a day...
All this I heard through his call recorder.. He denied it that it's only me that he has been having sex with.. Ma, I asked him to talk to my elder sister he just collected the number and he didn't call her... He never introduced me to his parents.. When I asked him why he doesn't want people to know we are together he doesn't have a specific reason saying cos he doesn't like it when he dates someone that people have known with another person before and I was like the guy I dated has gone back to Nigeria and it's a past...
Ma I swear I have never for once cheated on this my guy... But he claimed he loves me and still carried girls outside not knowing that I knew... Ma what should I do?
Last month he even wanted to end the relationship for no reason and I begged him saying has he forgotten his promise never to leave me... He said he has changed to him that I've stopped to be caring and I changed due to the conversation I listened to on his phone...Ma, I never hide a thing for him even my past in Nigeria.. Ma what should I do?

Why punish yourself in the name of having a boyfriend? Why keep a man who is busy with prostitutes? Why beg him to remember his promises when they were made to soften your heart and give him sex every night?
Love is sincerely not how you feel about an individual though we cannot separate it from human experience but is the manner and the attitude of one to another.
If the man who claimed to love you and never leave you sleeps with prostitutes and tells you lies, if he spends his fortunes on strange women, if he doesn't see anything wrong with sleeping around, why do you feel that he's in love with you and why hang on with him?
You don't need any prophet or a pastor to open your eyes to the realities of the horrible relationship that you are investing your life and resources in.
I feel that it's time for you to remind yourself of who you were before you met him and what God desires and prepares for your life and destiny.
The most painful part of hanging out with the wrong partner is that you waste your time and emotions and also lose a precious husband who's somewhere praying to have you in his arms.
Today is never late for you to love yourself in a manner that will leave your ex wondering why he left you. You need to rediscover the uniqueness in you and boost your self esteem so that you do not wallow in self pity and accept some horrible personalities in the name of relationship.


  1. I don't really know if you have a future with such man/guy except you both are together just to pass time. A guy that threatens to break up with you, really? and you think your plea can hold him back?

    Well, all guys are not same but you need to find out where you both are headed because I don't really know how long your plea can hold him back, if he wants to leave, he will surely leave and most probably, by then your whole heart and soul must have been so attached to him that the heartbreak might be epic (though we don't hope for such).

    Do the needful by having a heart to heart talk with him and know where your relationship will land you both and also know if he is ready to change.

    Also try your best to protect yourself well because I don't understand the issue of sharing your man with Indian prostitutes. Please save yourself so dearly. God bless.

  2. ' Love is sincerely not how you feel about an individual though we cannot separate it from human experience but is the MANNER and the ATTITUDE of ONE TO ANOTHER ' ~ Amara Van-Lare (emphasis mine). This is the bomb! ......Visit ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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