Friday, March 18, 2016

Who Amongst Them is Truly Mine?

Good day ma'am am a fan of your page and I was introduced by my boyfriend to like your page.
Ma I have prayed to God to give me a handsome plumb loving and caring intelligent husband and God finally gave me two handsome men to pick one, the other plumb and the other slim, the slim one is very intelligent and loving, while the other is not intelligent despite he's a graduate but he is caring, also from my Local Government Area, and he is working, he also loves me.
Ma all my life all the male friends who came around me and wanted me as their lady are from Imo State likewise this slim guy who loves me and wanted me to be his future wife despite he isn't working yet. I have prayed to God to show me the right man to be faithful to, in order not to lose my dream man, the funniest part is I love him most and each time he annoys me and apologise or if I hear his voice I feel like am the best human on earth.
The other plumb man loves me very much and is always there whenever he sees me mess around, he just loves pampering me and he tolerates and accommodates my past bad life.
Ma please is there any game to play on this two to know who is truly mine? Or please is there any advice to heed to in order not to make mistakes? Am confused!!!!

You made me more confused than you are with your mail but the truth is that you simply do not know who you are.
Self identity and self discovery is the first thing you must do before thinking about who to marry. How do you wish to marry when you don't know where you are heading to in life? How do you hope to make the right decision when you have no idea what is right for you?
Every man has a vision for his life and his vision dictates his attributes and personality. Every man have a need for help but not every man may be compassionate and concerned to know what you need or what your vision is in life so when he succeeds in wooing you and winning your heart, he may either force his vision on you or he may groom you to meet his needs, only very few individuals may wish to invest in your vision and at the same time meet his needs.
If for example you wish to be a nurse and you have no idea that this was your passion, getting married to a man who is rich, nice, caring and loving but into business will mean that your passion for nursing maybe dead on arrival immediately you get married to him.
To avoid complications and the complexities of struggling with your husband in your marriage, I would suggest that you take some time off relationship and think about your life and your future.
Who are you? This has to do with your personality, your attributes, your passion, your hobby and your skills.
What's your vision in life? This has to do with where you see yourself in the nearest future, what you hope to accomplish in life, the kind of life that you desire for yourself, your family and your children.
What are you doing to achieve your vision? This has to do with personal development, skills and knowledge that you are acquiring to enhance your understanding of life and to prepare you for marriage.
You must have sorted all these out before deciding on who to settle down with. And in doing so, you must learn to be faithful, humble and emotionally prepared to invest your time and give your heart to build a relationship.
Great relationships don't fall from heaven but they're the product of genuine commitment and consistent communication between the partners and their convictions to make their vision a reality in their life.
It has little or nothing to do with how they look and what they have but have have so much to do with who they are, what's their purpose and their personal relationship with God and others.
You need to seek the face of God and allow him to reveal the man he has prepared for your journey. That a man is caring and working doesn't mean that he's the best for you and for the fact that one is not from your state doesn't also mean that he may not be the one for you so please do not look for games to test them or ways to differentiate one from another but begin with discharging all the partner, being convinced of what you wish for before going for a partner.
Then you won't need anyone to decide who to settle for and who not to date.


  1. I'll only forgive u if you're below 20 years old.. If otherwise, then u have a lot of work to do on urself.. U better grow up and know what exactly u want... Confused girl

  2. This poster obviously likes the plum, 'has a job now' guy.
    An Owerri 'once bad girl' who claims to have dropped her 'past bad life'.
    CHUKWU nyere gi aka!

  3. This poster obviously likes the plum, 'has a job now' guy.
    An Owerri 'once bad girl' who claims to have dropped her 'past bad life'.
    CHUKWU nyere gi aka!


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