Monday, April 25, 2016

Does He Love Me at All?

Good morning Aunt Amara.. I want to commend you for the good works you have done, thanks for mending broken marriages/ relationships and offering the best advice to singles. Aunt, please I want you to advice me on this...
I met a guy six months ago and we've been friends since then, he calls but not often, he is very humble and Godfearing , the period I met him was when he was still serving but he rounded up three months ago, right now he is running his private business.
We hanged out for three consecutive days but not in his house, but last week he invited me to his house which I went and when I was about leaving his house he didn't allow me to go, he embraced me saying he missed me so much and told me to sit on his lap which I wasn't really comfortable cos his Lazarus was up, he started romancing me and I told him to stop it but he didn't want to, that was when I stood up, picked my bag and was about leaving, he pleaded with me that he was sorry for his actions that I should forgive him that he didn't know what came over him, after apologising he gave me transport to go back.
Aunty I want to ask...does this guy love me at all? or is he lusting after my body? please help me out cos am so confused.

This question was meant for "Lazarus" who was standing up with the answer.. Lol, now I'm wondering how you knew his name.
The truth is that it takes so much attraction for a man to fall in love with a lady, the reason is simple, the breast, the laps, the glowing face and the gorgeous hips sends so many heartwarming messages to his brains and wakes Lazarus from the sleep.
The ways to know whether a man loves you is in his vision for the relationship, his plans for you and his attitude towards you. If for all the reasons he imposes sex as the criteria for love, then it's obvious that he's not in love with you but with your body. If he cheats on you, abuses your personality, lies to you and doesn't commit himself to building the relationship, then you may have reasons to be worried about his kind of love for you.
But there is no man who is deeply in love with a lady that his Lazarus won't rise up but how some manage theirs maybe different from how another person will handle his.
At least you can tell that his Lazarus is eager to welcome you so you may wish not to present yourself in his bedroom so that you can help your partner and also help his son. Maybe you should limit your dates to restaurants and recreational environment so that both of you don't find yourself humming and moaning when your pastor is yet to dedicate both of you at the altar.

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