Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I'm Addicted to Sex!

Good evening ma'am I will love to go straight to the point, ma please help me am so addicted to sex to the extent I patronise sex workers or go with a fellow guy just to satisfy this urge which I regret immediately after the act.
Note: I stopped watching porn cos of this act but it still happens. Please ma, this is affecting me and all areas of my life. I want to stop this, can you imagine that a young guy like me can't even save.
Please ma help me out.

Addictions are possessive and for you to overcome any addiction, you must make deliberate, painful and concerted effort to unlearn such addiction by investing your life, emotions and mind to a productive attitude.
For the fact that you regret your actions anytime you have sex with strange women and for the fact that you have quit watching pornographic movies is a good step in the right direction. Now you have to deliberately keep yourself off everyone who enjoys such a lifestyle because they will always encourage you to have sex as long as they do. 
You now need to feed your mind with the word of God, worship songs and motivational materials that will help you rediscover yourself and readjust your thoughts towards pleasing God, and yearning to add value to your spirit man. 
This means that you have to also locate a Bible believing church where you can receive the undiluted word of God and allow the Holy spirit to fill your heart and soul. 
Sexual addiction can expose you to demonic spirits and it has the potential to destroy both your body and your soul. You must realise that not every vagina you sleep with are human beings, some may have met with spirits and by sleeping with them, expose yourself to their kingdom. 
Your health is a threat when you cannot control your body, thereby exposing yourself to infections and diseases that can be contracted through sex. 
Financially, sex has a spirit that can burn off all your savings on the laps of strange women. Imagine that three to fifteen minutes of intensive sex will deplete your money and leave you spiritually and financially bankrupt. 
Emotionally, because what you crave for is insatiable, every time you finish having sex, you find yourself feeling empty and miserable. 
These and many more reasons is why God designed marriage for your own help and your advancement in life. Instead of exposing yourself to the devil's manipulations, it's better to embrace God's provisions and walk in obedience to his word and ways so that you shall prosper and enjoy the rewards of a beautiful marriage. 
Think about it and kneel down in your closet and invite Jesus Christ into your life to help you overcome this evil spirit. If you are comfortable with the idea, you can keep a tab with me and share your experience and your journey with me as you trust God to help you overcome this addiction. 
My prayer is that God will deliver you from the spirit of sexual addiction and sexual perversion in Jesus name Amen.

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