Saturday, May 7, 2016

Am Tired of Begging Him!

Good pm ma , please I need an advice, this year November, I will be six years in marriage, about two years ago I discovered that my hubby is cheating on me. I was very disappointed because I didn't expect that from my hubby, and anytime I talk about it with him, it resulted to quarrel.
Ma am tired of quarrel so I decided not to confront him again but most times some of his girlfriends called him, even late in the night, even when I did not talk, my countenance will change and when he knew that am angry, he will be angry too. At the end of the day, I will be the one to apologise, I have prayed, fasted but no change yet, we have two kids and am pregnant, am a fashion designer and a student in 400level. Please ma what will I do to stop worrying and getting angry anytime he cheats on me, because am tired of begging him.

Perhaps the only thing that you can do that will at least save your heart from the constant pains and disappointment of knowing that your husband is sleeping around is by separating yourself from his bedroom and sleeping with your children so that when he receives the calls you wouldn't know nor care to know what they discussed.
However it is emotionally disturbing for you to apologise to your husband for getting angry when he cheat on you. You are simply not helping yourself nor are you helping him either and his attitude has put you in a vulnerable position for infections, emotional torture, and psychological abuse.
In addition to praying for him, you must express your anger and displeasure to his attitude and if he's not yielding, I will encourage that you report this to both your family and his family so that they can intervene.
Where their efforts doesn't yield any result, then both of you may need to seek for counselling and if he's not willing to help you to overcome his infidelity, then you may need to consider going back to your home so that he can come with his family and decide the future of your marriage.
There's no torture that is worse than living with a partner who cheats on you without even considering your feelings nor have any regards for your health and sanity.
It does look ordinary until one partner contracts infections or a terminal diseases that may lead to the termination of the person's life.
Please protect yourself from contracting sexually transmitted diseases and infections and continue to pray and be hopeful that someday he will return back to you.

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