Friday, May 6, 2016

Should I Keep Fighting or Move On?

Hi ma, I need your advice seriously. I have a girlfriend who I thought was the one but she just broke up with me, her reason being that I don't pay much attention to her which I know now because I forgot to send her message on Valentine's and Christmas, but it wasn't intentional.
I planned sending her a message a day before Val only for her to surprise me that night that she was already in Enugu telling me she is coming the next day. So I forgot to send her the message before she came and it happened that on that same week I had a serious financial difficulty that I couldn't give her transport fare back which I have always given to her but after leaving she broke up with me, because I didn't call her for a week which she knew how down I was but I tried talking to her online.
What I don't understand is why she broke up with me after all the sacrifices and she claimed she loved me and i have been trying to get her back and she keep telling me to move on without her. How can one move from loving someone now and next she is telling me to forget her as easy as that? I don't know if to try and move on or keep fighting.

Please move on with your life. You need a real lady, someone who understands that in life nobody is immuned to the challenges of life and humanity.
You need a lady who is mentally responsible and is also willing to give what you don't have and not a selfish lady who is looking for who to defraud and then label as not being caring and paying attention.
A lady who will leave you because you don't have enough money to give to her, is she encouraging you to steal or to organise yourself by supporting you?
One fact I can tell you is that no matter how expensive a make-up might be, a lady will definitely wash them off before going to bed, same with life, no matter how beautiful and important a lady might feel that she is, she will someday realise that life is quite different from fairy tales.
Encourage yourself and work harder, be better and allow God to beautify your life and you will see your enemies identifying with you as pals and those who rejected you will call you family.
Move on and keep your head high, a bad date isn't the end of love, it's only an experience that will remind you that not all pretty faces has a pretty heart.


  1. Like she said not all pretty faces has pretty heart. Move on bro. Pray for Grace for the true love to come

  2. Like she said not all pretty faces has pretty heart. Move on bro. Pray for Grace for the true love to come

  3. Move on.she just wanted to fulfill all righteousness not that she was into you.just that you were not aware. She's the selfish,greedy and the type that's not considerate to human plight.
    Just move on and see her as a lesson in your life story,that all that glitters is not gold.


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