Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't Know Who to Trust Anymore!

Good morning ma, I really appreciate the positive way you are affecting lives in your generation. May God continue to empower you as you help others. Am a 28 year old lady that have had her share of heart breaks. I am too trustful, but it seems I attract the same set of guys, the ones that will just lie and cheat because they know that I trust them.
Ma, the problem is that I am scared of entering another relationship because I feel it's just going to be the same old story. Right now two guys are asking me out, in character they are okay, but one of them is yet to secure a stable job while the other is working.
The point is that I am confused, I don't know who to trust anymore coupled with my fear of wasting time again. I see my self attracted to both of them and it's really an issue because I feel am leading them on unintentionally and it might backfire when I finally make my choice but I know it's my lack of trust for guys that is the cause. Please help me. I feel am losing it.

If others make you lose your identity, it means that you never knew who you were before you met with them. The very moment when you give excuses to double date, you have lost everything you stood up for and may end up with the wrong person because when it comes to deciding who to marry, understanding the consequences and the purpose of marriage will make you never to put yourself in a vulnerable position where circumstances of life and the opinions of men will push you into getting married to the wrong partner.
Everyone in life has had one form of heartbreak and disappointment but it doesn't mean that you should reduce your value or give up on your convictions about who you desire to settle down with.
You dated ten men out of over ten billion men and you summarised all men to be liars, cheats and unfaithful, I don't agree with you on that. If only you can decide from the depth of your heart to forgive your past, learn from them and equip yourself with the wisdom and virtues that you need to prosper in your marriage, there's no way for you not to meet a man who will love you selflessly and genuinely.
If you can stop comparing every man to your ex, you would have successfully buried your past and be open minded until you meet your husband.
I will suggest that you discharge the two men and take your time to seek the face of God, meditate on the values that you cherish so much as an individual, then look out for that man who has most of those values before committing yourself to him for a purposeful relationship.
When Mr A approaches you for a relationship and after spending some time with him, you discover that he's not the one that you are looking for, simply bid him goodbye and continue until you have met the very man who your heart appreciates and you are comfortable with.
Do not let your birthday make you feel that you are behind schedule, some individuals died prematurely as a result of marrying the wrong partner, some are being humiliated by their own husband in the name of marriage and some are looking for ways to run out of their home.
So please take your time and get it right in your marriage so that you can enjoy the rest of your journey with love, joy and a fulfilled heart.
It's possible with God and he will never disappoint anyone who put her trust and confidence in him.

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