Saturday, May 14, 2016

Could He be Sleeping with this Girl?

Good evening ma, please advice me. I have been married for four years to my hubby. He used to be a loving and caring man, but lately he changed, now he is so addicted to his phone, at a point he passworded it but I didn't bother. He can be with his phone without noticing my presence. I became so curious and found out his password.
I was shocked when I saw his chat with a particular lady who is single with several nude pictures and videos of the girl naked. I have always fulfilled my duty as a wife.
I have confronted him and he just said I should not bother myself. I thought he would stop after talking to him.
Recently, I saw their chat again with the girl telling him to come to their normal guest house. I became more shocked. Could he be sleeping with this girl? Now I want to involve our families cos I can't take it again. I love my husband and my daughters, but he is pushing me to do what I don't want to do.

Guest house is not where married men pray to God, it's also not where strange women visit for miracles but it's where a married man who is unfaithful meet with another lady and have sex, so there's every possibility that they could be having sex.
Before involving your families, please ensure that you have all the evidence that you can present to the families that will also help them understand your plight and your pains concerning his infidelity.
One painful thing about infidelity is that it exposes the other partner to sexually transmitted infections and diseases which is not healthy for you and your beautiful daughters.
In addition to involving your families, please insist on using protection for sexual intimacy and suggest that he goes for counselling and testing to know his status. HIV is very much around and it's still wrecking havoc in our society and you shouldn't just keep calm and watch him destroy your life in the name of don't border.

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