Sunday, May 15, 2016

Should I Meet with my Mum?

Good evening aunty Amara, may God continue to enrich you with great wisdom. I need an urgent advice. I don't really know how to compose this. I started living a lonely life when I was 6(six) cos my mum left my siblings and I in the care of my dad and eloped with my dad's best friend when my dad had nothing. I grew up without anyone to call mother.
My dad did everything within his power to take care of us. He waited patiently for ten years for her to come but she never did. We searched for her when my elder sister was about getting married but all to no avail.
May, being my 26th birthday, we received a message of her whereabout, got her number sent it to her elder sister, then later on ''my so called mum'' called me saying that she is sorry for abandoning us, trying to justify her actions without being remorseful for all the pains, rejection she caused us.
From the look of things she is a proud woman. I have a step mum who really took care of us, she is a woman worth calling a mother. Now she wants to come back to us. I have forgiven her but let her just remain where she is. I really want to see her face cos they said am her replica. What do you advise ma'am? Thanks in anticipation.

It's not a bad idea for you to meet the woman who brought you to life. She may have her flaws and limitations but we must thank God for using her to bring a beautiful, elegant and lovely lady into this world.
You may organise it in a way that all your younger ones will also be part of this unique opportunity to meet with her, definitely not anywhere close to your house.
Chat, discuss and ask her all the questions that you feel is necessary. It's not in your place to judge her decision, simply wish her well and bid her goodbye.
The essence of this particular date is to keep record of who your mother is, to genuinely identify with her, forgive her in person and at the same time wish her the best in her marriage.
It maybe entirely late for her to come back home because she may disrupt the peace, love and unity you share with your step mum which you must as a matter of necessity avoid.
Thank God who brought your real mother in your step mum and has helped become a lady of virtue and wisdom. I pray that God will guide your footsteps and help you never to make a mistake in your marriage.

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