Thursday, May 12, 2016

Do I Tell Him how I Feel?

Hello good evening ma, God bless you for your wonderful work you are doing in Jesus name ( Amen). Ma, please I have this brother in my church who am in love with but he does not know and we are close, he loves my friend and he keeps telling me how much he love her and want to marry her.....
Ma I keep encouraging him to go ahead and marry her, but inside my heart ma I love him, I don't know what to do?
He likes coming close to me, telling me so much about his plans and life problems, ma please what should I do? He has not told my friend about his feeling? Ma please help me

A man who tells you how much he loves your friend may like your personality but he's definitely not in love with you.
So considering telling him will only give him the advantage to play with your emotions and find one excuse to leave the relationship.
Yes I understand that you truly love him but I feel that you shouldn't express your feelings to him, rather keep your distance from him and do not give him the room to know how much you love him.
Let your friendship be from a distance and whatever he shares with your friend should be for your friend. Men are attracted to different ladies for different reasons. Some it may be her straight legs, for some it may be the combination of her straight legs with her hips, for some it may be her big breast, for some it maybe the combination of her breast and her voice, for some it maybe her beautiful face, for some it maybe the combination of her beautiful face and her complexion.
God being so wonderful created all shades, shapes and sizes of ladies so that a man can feed his fantasies and decide who to marry.
You are entirely beautiful but don't push your luck, wait for a man who will woo you as though there's no other lady on earth. That's the kind of man that you deserve.

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  1. As hard as it may seem (talking from almost similar experience) it will pass. Don't worry. God did not create us for our joy and fulfillment to be dependent on another human, no!
    Continue to grow in loving yourself the way God sees you (based on what He says about you in His Word). How in becoming your destiny and in your purpose you won't even have time to think on this matter. When the right one comes you will even forget about this and laugh when you remember it. I would recommend the book "Single, Married, Separated and life after divorce" by MYLES MUNROE. God bless you


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