Thursday, May 12, 2016

Should I Leave my Boyfriend and Focus on the New One?

Hello ma, please am very confuse and I need you and your fan's advice. I am 25 years and am in a relationship with a guy I love so much but the problem is, he constantly cheats on me.
We have quarrelled, separated and settled over this same issue but I just can't bring myself to stop loving him. There is this my friend's cousin that she hooked up to me, he has been very nice, loving and decent, he even told his mum about me without my knowledge and his mum has been calling me to check up on me.
Now the problem is that I love my boyfriend but am scared of his attitude and I don't know if I should just leave him and focus on this new one because up until now I have not given him any reply concerning his proposal because I don't want to cheat on any of them. Thanks for the good work, I appreciate.

Does the new guy know about the old guy? If not, then you're already cheating. Does the old guy now know that he's got a competitor? If not, of course you are already cheating. 
Cheating is not when when you tell two men that you love them. Cheating is also when you are in a terrible, unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship with a partner, hopeful that he or she will change and at the same time you are also considering another partner who has been disturbing you for a relationship and you just don't want to give him an answer yet. 
The very moment when your mind subtly deviates your affection and attention to another man, you are already comparing between the two of them to know who you feel is better, actually that's cheating. 
Since your partner is a chronic and an unrepentant cheat and in spite of your love and devotion to the relationship, you cannot condone infidelity nor marry a man who constantly and consistently cheat on you, I'm wondering why you were still in the relationship?
I had have said it and I will still repeat it, please do not hang on a terrible relationship and be waiting for an angel to marry, it is both selfish and wicked because you are not telling yourself the sincere truth. If you are convinced that he's just not faithful which nobody can cope with, be honest enough to terminate the relationship and move on. 
But if you are convinced that your prayers, fasting, and your efforts will certainly change his attitude towards you, then forget about other men or recommendations from friends and relatives, and focus on your relationship so that you don't get distracted. 
So sit down and count your cost, this man that you love so much, if he gives you gonorrhoea, syphilis, staphylococcus or herpes, will that make you to love him more? If he gets another lady pregnant and still comes to propose marriage to you, will that make you to love him more? If you visit him and you see him having sex with another lady, will that also make you fall deeply in love with him? If another lady sends the nude pictures of herself and your partner in the bedroom, will you still love him? 
If yes, indeed you don't need to worry about the new guy because your husband is right before you and you know what? Your love is straight from heaven. Simply let the second man know that you are already in love with your partner but if you are not comfortable with his attitude and your forgiveness cannot can't carry you through for the rest of your life if you should get married to him, please save your tears and terminate the relationship. 
It is actually better and psychologically healthier to be single and happy than to date a partner who reduces you to a competition. That's not how God created us and I have no idea what you fell in love with that has made you forget that you deserve the best from God and not an unfaithful man.


  1. My friend the best thing to do is to seek the face of God consigning this issue ok.I want you to know as many that say No to there are also many to say yes to you ok.

  2. My friend the best thing to do is to seek the face of God consigning this issue ok.I want you to know as many that say No to there are also many to say yes to you ok.

  3. God bless your wisdom aunt amara... Just go with her advice.


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