Thursday, May 12, 2016

I'm Tired of the Marriage!

Hello good evening ma... My life is getting worse everyday of my life ...
I got married on September 1st 2015, not like fully married, he paid my bride price and fixed my traditional wedding but his elder brother claimed that he used the money he gave him for the traditional wedding to buy land for him which we later found out that he didn't buy any land..
But my biggest mistake was that I took in a week before he travelled back to back because he told me how his brother want him to be useless .. He travelled and we fixed the wedding and traditional wedding on December 31st and January 4th but his brother refused and he fixed my own wedding date for me, after everything he was not able to come back for the wedding and it was cancelled but the brother represented him on the traditional wedding....
Ma'am the main problem now is that I went to the village and carried his father and his mother to my house ... Since January 2nd till now am having issues with my so called husband, his father is having prostate cancer while the mother is blind. Last month my so called husband asked me to buy hollandaise for the mother which I did.
When I went to my friend's house, I told her about my father-in-law's sickness and she introduced me to eternal product so I bought the drugs. A night after that day, the mother made me to have issues with my so called husband which made him to ask me to leave his house which I did.
The next day, my so called husband called and said that the drugs I bought for his father was a poison and the hollandaise was fake, I asked him if he is back to Nigeria he said no that his mother told him..... Right now I don't know what to do, I planned to travel but I was not able to get Visa, I don't know what to do and am tired of the marriage.

I feel irritated by the way you address your husband. He's actually not your "so called husband" but your flesh and blood husband. He has paid your dowry and has fulfilled all the tradition of your community so please give him that respect now that you are still married to him.
Secondly, you don't just buy any drugs and give it to a patient just because your friend told you about it. I understand that you may have genuine intentions to help your father-in-law recover from his ailment but you can actually be jailed and if anyone takes up the case against you, that person will put you behind bars. So learn from this and take precaution never to prescribe, or administer drugs to anyone without the express demand from the patient, prescription from a qualified doctor and also informing his children or relatives, so that they will stand as witnesses should there be any counter reactions or adverse effects of the drugs on the patient.
I want to believe that you knew your husband before accepting or agreeing to settle down with him, you were attracted to him and you made love to him as your heart craved for it, so I wonder how it's a mistake for you to have conceived or were you expecting something different after sex?
Since he doesn't appreciate your presence in the life of his parents, I will suggest that you make plans to reunite with him so that both of you can work together as husband and wife or better still decide not to continue with him.
You don't need to force yourself on anyone who doesn't appreciate you for who you are or feel that you don't have any value to offer in his life. You don't need a partner who makes you feel like a stranger where you ought to feel at home.
So take your time and meditate critically on your marriage before deciding whether to continue with him or to bid him goodbye and trust God for a man who will love you selflessly and appreciate you for who you are.


  1. Why are you referring to your husband as "so called husband” not nice please.From all indications your husband doesn't have a mind of his own. How can it be the brother fixing the wedding date for you people. A blind woman telling him what is fake or not. You need to ask yourself some questions,and that is: if you still want to go ahead with the marriage? if you still love the man enough to bear more things that might likely arise,or you'd rather give birth to your child and raise him or her alone. You seem capabale.All the best

  2. My dear u will be tired of a marriage you refuse to prepare for,bcos it will confuse you.

  3. My dear u will be tired of a marriage you refuse to prepare for,bcos it will confuse you.

  4. You never seek the face of God before getting married ooh what a mistake

  5. You never seek the face of God before getting married ooh what a mistake


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