Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Family Insist on White Wedding before Moving in!

Good morning sis Amara. I thank God for using you to touch, amend and upgrade many people and families. God bless you, Amen. Please help me with your fans to address the issue that I'm passing through.
I dated my hubby over two years and now, and he came and paid my dowry also did my traditional marriage. But my family insisted that he must do white wedding before I pack in with him. I don't know what to do. Please I need your advice. Thanks.

The very moment your husband paid your dowry and fulfilled all the traditional rites, you have no reason why you shouldn't move into your husband's home. 
I sincerely have no idea what you are thinking because by rights and standard, under God and man, you are married and you are now part of a new home with your husband as the leader. 
If you and your husband agreed to wait until white wedding before moving into his house, that would have been a different pot of soup but to starve your husband of your affection all because of what your parents feel or insists on is selfish and very very expensive for your nascent marriage. 
If they really loved you and they cared about your happiness, they would have suggested that he plan for both white and traditional wedding within the same period of time so that you can move in to your home immediately and settle down with him. 
But since they never suggested that to you, madam please do not put your marriage in a mess by dancing to the tune of your parents but seek for the opinion and suggestion of your husband. If he can't wait any longer, kindly pack your things and join him in your own best interest.

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  1. Can u imagine this babe???!!!
    Did they tie u with rope in your father's house?
    Are u sure that u are ready for this marriage which u are allowing ur selfish people interfere in?
    Biko pack ur things and go, already,!!!


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