Monday, May 30, 2016

Does Zodiac Signs Work?

Hello madam, my condolences on the passing away of your Dad... Please, take heart and God give you and your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. I want to equally express my heartfelt thanks to you for helping people in dealing with tough times and common difficulties in relationship/marriage. May the grace of God continue to speak for you, your family and your fans in Jesus name, Amen!
Please, am in dire need of your advice as am about to embark on a journey of faith called MARRIAGE. Am a guy of 36 years in a relationship with a lady of 26 years that it took over two years to accept my proposal for a relationship. Both of us are graduates, though she is currently doing her Master's degree while am an international sailor who spends only two months out of a year in Nigeria.
Am intending to propose her this December and marry her during Easter period in next year but her weaknesses that she told me when we had a serious and frank heart-to-heart talk created fear in me. She told me that she is not too prayerful and that most of her friends are guys...
Putting into consideration the nature of my job and how the lady's mood changes... How will I help her to overcome these weaknesses because being more close to men makes her more prone to temptation...
Secondly, I read from a zodiac or sun signs (website) that the Taurus man and the Aquarius woman are not compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually to have to have a successful marriage. Please, does this zodiac of a thing, work? Because most of the differences listed about us are about seventy percent true. Thanks for your time and a timely posting will be appreciated to enable me not to make mistake.

The best signs that you must read, digest and understand is prayers. There's no secrets when you communicate and commune with God in prayers because he's the only one who can predict the future and reveal the things that no signs or anybody knows about your partner.
Having male friends is not entirely a weakness unless you are indirectly questioning her fidelity in the relationship and as a result feels that you cannot trust her when you get married to her.
Her being prayerful or not doesn't mean that when she craves for sexual intimacy that she should turn to a prayer warrior to suppress her sexual urge. I feel that what you need is a lady who has the mental, psychological and emotional maturity to manage your job and her emotions in such a manner that whether you stay away from her for ten months, she won't lose faith in the marriage(I must tell you that it's not so easy especially for a young couple).
If all things being equal, she conceives immediately after wedding, perhaps the presence of her child and the joy of motherhood can help her cope with the loneliness of your absence, but I am also hopeful that God will promote you in such a manner that you will have adequate time for your wife and children because your home is the only life investment that God has blessed you with and no matter how much you make, or how busy you are, your family is the only treasure that will stand with you, behind you and encourage you.
So take your time and have a heart to heart discussion with her, ask her how she can cope if you are not around for over ten months, find out her weaknesses and strength, know her limits and passion so that you can understand her better and decide whether it's safe and comfortable for you to go ahead and marry her or to give her some space and go for a lady that you feel will manage her emotions and sexual needs in a manner that will not make you doubt her faithfulness and devotion to the marriage.

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