Monday, May 30, 2016

Should I Call off the Relationship?

Greetings to you ma, please ma I urgently need advice because am in a serious dilemma. here's my story
Am a lady 24, about to be married to a 32 year old guy by August, but l found out that this guy has two kids a girl and a boy(14 &12 respectively) from a lady in the past.
According to him, the lady said she wants to be a single mother and can't settle for him when he went to marry her.
He is claiming that this lady is rich and comfortable and can take care of this kids but he still communicates with this kids and sends them money whenever they demanded..
My questions;
Will it be possible that their mum isn't the one sending them to call their dad?
Is my guy and this lady not communicating?
Won't this children come to stay in their father's house when they find out that he is married?
Am just confused on whether to call off the relationship or not because I feel there's more to the story than what he's telling me. Besides he didn't want to tell me until I became suspicious. He said I shouldn't tell my parents about it, that it was his past and he will stop communicating with them.
What do I do please ma?

In your best interest please call off every wedding plans and preparations until both of you have discussed about his relationship with the mother of his children and his plans for his children. 
He can only sell his lies to babies because there is no way he will ever stop communicating with his children or stop providing for them and in the same way communicate with the mother of his children. 
For the very fact that he's hiding so much about them from you is an indication that there's indeed so much that you need to know about him and his girlfriend (perhaps wife). And under no circumstances should you hide the real identity of your partner from your family to avoid leading your family into encouraging you to marry a stranger. 
If you wish to continue with the relationship or marriage plans, please make provision in your heart to accommodate his children and to welcome them into your home when they wish to be with your husband their father. 
Endeavour that you have ascertained the true identity of the lady, whether she was married to him, is married to him or he still have some emotional attachment to him so that you don't end up getting married to a man who is emotionally unavailable to you and is may return back to his rich girlfriend for more children. 
In your best interest please don't enter an open hole when you cannot tell it's depth.

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