Monday, May 9, 2016

He Cheats on Me!

Good afternoon ma, please I need your advice, please help me cause am seriously confused right now..
I meet a guy on Facebook in 2013 February, we exchanged our number, and started talking on phone... He base in Lagos when we meet and I was also in Lagos, so two years ago he relocated to Abuja.. I always visit him in Abuja, he's a business guy and I just passed out from my NYSC.
He asked for my hands in marriage and I accepted him but I told him to wait because I want to get a job before entering a man's house which he accepted, but the issue is anytime we have a little problem he will start abusing me with strange words like idiot, am talking nonsense, get out and so on and I have caught him like four times with different girls anytime I pay him unexpected visit, and anytime I pay him visit in Abuja, many girls will be calling him on phone in the night and he will silent the phone.
At the end of the day he will say babym am sorry and I will forgive him because I love him...I don't know what to do again. Since I started going out with him, I never accepted any other man or give any other man chance in my life... Am just thinking we haven't gotten married and all these things are happening..
Please ma I need advice, help me because am very confused right now...Thanks and God bless you.

Let me borrow a leaf from your fiancĂ©e word, "babym", will you be willing to continually forgive him, accommodate his many concubines and friends alike, accept with joy and gladness the many women that will share your matrimonial bed with him, for as long as you are married to him? 
Babym, do you love him more whenever he appreciates you by calling you stupid, idiot, talking nonsense and get out? Does those compliments make you reach orgasm? 
If yes, you don't have any reason to be worried or afraid because you are getting married to the right man for your life. 
However, if within your heart you know that you cannot cope or tolerate all that you are seeing today in his life, please forgive him, return the iron material called engagement ring to him and kindly forget about him. 
No matter how much a man shares with you, peace of mind comes with his personality and his attitude to you and never from his bank account. 
Do not trade your peace of mind for worldly material and do not get married to a man that will put you in perpetual fear and emotional torture. It's too early for you to make a mistake that will destroy your life.

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