Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I've not Set my Eyes on my Son!

Good afternoon Aunty Amara. Ma please I need your advice.
Ma, I married my husband after three years of dating him. I was in 400level then. We were in different states then and we see each other once or twice in a year, which is normally when he visits home but we communicate everyday. My pastor then told me that he's my husband when I refused to accept his proposal because I was 22 years.
Since the marriage, happiness left my life. He beats me up at any little issue. He abuses me that am a little girl and that my family collected too much money from him. He started beating me when I was pregnant. I saw hell then, I nearly dropped out from school but God helped me through my friends in school.
After giving birth, it became worst that he hit my head on the wall and I collapsed, people thought I was dead. I left the house with my son to my mother's house. He came pleading, reporting me everywhere, even in the church that I left my matrimonial home with his son. After so many counselling, I went back again.

My husband continued his beatings with his mother and sisters that lived with us in the house, until i left in 2014 when he hit me on my teeth after he teamed up with his people to beat me. He was reporting as usual, but I refused to go back, I went to Welfare because of my son's education and welfare after one year because I was still struggling to finish my programme. A times he wont bring any money and I will be begging for help.
Now he took the child from me, when I went to take my son, he refused and beat me up and hide my son to another area. He arrested me and since two months I have not seen my child. My heart bleeds because he kept my son under the custody of his girlfriend that live with him and told her to call her mummy so that he will forget about me.
My son is 3 years plus. I cry all day and night . My son is my joy but my brothers don't want me to fight for my son.. Ma please forgive me for this very long story. The length has been my fear for not sending this for long. I am in pains.

Even if your mail will take me the whole day to read and understand your pains, I am willing and patient to read, read again and digest your message to enable me advice you appropriately.
Anyone who says that you should not fight for the safety and the security of your son have no idea what nine months of painful and uncomfortable sacrifices is all about and you shouldn't blame them because they have no womb.
Please kindly return back to the Welfare, now with a detailed evidence and description of all that your husband has been doing to you and your son. Let them know that the life of your son is under threat and danger because of who is taking care of your son.
Marriage or not, you have a right to take care of your son until he's old enough to decide for himself where to stay and who to live with but for now please don't allow that beast to crush your joy and destroy the emotional bonding of mother and son.

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