Monday, May 2, 2016

Why Tear Her Apart?

Oga why do you want to kill your wife before her time by tearing her vagina apart with your painful penis? Why make sex selfish when you can make it lovely and beautiful for both of you? 
As a man, it's easy to achieve erection once her naked body is presented to you as a meal. It's possible for you as a man to easily penetrate her vagina and satisfy yourself but when it comes to sex, it means so much more than rushing into the pigeon hole and pounding her like you don't care. 
Women connects to sex through tenderness, loving affection, gentle touch, beautiful romance, suckling and kissing. Licking of her clitoris, massaging her laps, back and her arms. Kissing her lips, ears, neck, nipples, navel and her buttocks. 
Taking your time to whisper words of love and affection, and gently caressing her body until she's desiring nothing but a penetrative sex will definitely arouse her mind, soul and body. 
Communicate with her, buy her some gifts, celebrate her and surprise her with some erotic moves like tapping her buttocks in a romantic way, grabbing her boobs with all affection and kissing her passionately. 
These and many more will naturally make her hormones to release fluids that will make sex more pleasurable and lovely for her. I mean you should put your clean and trimmed finger in her vagina and know whether she's as wet as possible before inserting your penis. There's no need to rush because she will never run away from your reach but making sex painful and miserable will definitely push her far away from you because nobody wish to enjoy sex in a painful and inconsiderate manner. 
Women enjoy sex when men give them attention and adore her body like a priceless treasure. Please go back to your wife and communicate with her so that both of you can discover the rhythm of your passion and enjoy sex like the most beautiful haven under heaven.


  1. Thanks alot Aunty Amara. Hope men will give their wives joyous sex instesd of painful sex.

  2. I hope men are reading this and learning. I have been married for 15 years and my husband still goes all the way. Gives me head and enjoy giving me orgasm 90% of the time. Because of this I always look forward to his love making.


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