Monday, May 2, 2016

My Girlfriend has Changed!

Good will continue to add to your wisdom and understanding.
I have issues with who to go with, 29th of last month was when it marked two years me and my girl have been dating. But she have changed of recent to the extent that I hardly send her an errand, she pissed me off most times. She's now the type that chat till 12 or 1 in midnight, receives call ten times what she have been receiving before. I now beg her to do things when she's busy chatting, she now receives airtime everyday.
A lot of them asking her out, she even receives those call beside telling them that she will be thinking of it or when they meet. But to be sincere I don't know her intentions towards me. And I met a lady last month on Facebook that I really admire cos she's a virtuous lady. I proposed to her and she later accepted my proposal. I spotted big differences between her and the lady I have been with since two years, in terms of planning for the future, spiritual aspect, encouraging.
We started dating 17th of last month, and it looks like we have been together for long. She was able to turn my attention to Christ, a lot have changed for that few period. Even before proposing to her, I dreamt I was in church with her and my long time relationship partner came in regretting leaving me and I noticed she's pregnant. And I don't want to hurt the lady I met of recent cos she's a little bit jealous that she doesn't want to share me with anybody and have tested her in many ways that she passed.
I do advise my long time girl and tell her that she have changed but she will only adjust for few day and later return to what she have been doing before. I want the lady that will plan together with me, change my life for good and am not the type that like double dating, please advise me on what to do.
And have met with this new lady

You sound so so innocent and I couldn't help but lmao when you wrote that you don't like double dating cos I was like, "and what are you doing already?"
Let's gets this facts right, you are living with this lady for two years and you have been enjoying every bit of her warmth but you are not comfortable with the side attractions and attention that she's been getting from men. Of course you know that it's not good and noble for you to be living with a lady who you haven't paid anything on her head (talking based on your mail). 
If indeed she's being distracted, why not address her distraction instead of hooking up with a virtuous lady on Facebook and promising heaven and earth to her? If you were so convinced that she no longer respect your personality, appreciate you for who you are, support you in your vision and help you grow in all your endeavours, why not terminate the relationship between you and her before considering another lady? 
Definitely any partner who carelessly hangs out with men and communicate with them in a manner that suggests that she's emotionally confused and wish to consider what they can offer, sincerely doesn't have any respect and regards to your personality, but keeping her under your roof and building another relationship with another lady doesn't make sense for a man who is focused and emotionally mature to stand on his convictions. 
If you are truly convinced that your partner of two years is not good enough for you, maybe you should sit down with her and strengthen out the relationship and where she's unable to make amends, then you may consider terminating the relationship so that you can grab your virtuous bride and hopefully take her to the altar. 
I must remind you that how you feel meeting another lady isn't how it may turn out when the dust of your romance and excitement has faded away and the reality of her personality begins to manifest. 
Any great relationship comes with great sacrifice, investment, understanding, patience, wisdom and commitment to building a future that you so much desire to feature in your life.

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