Tuesday, May 31, 2016

She Wants my Fiancé Back!

Good day ma, may God reward and replenish your wisdom. I have being following your page for quite some time, am grateful for your blessings. Ma I have this female friend of mine whose pastor told her to terminate her relationship simply because the guy is not their member and I was in the picture of everything. I encouraged her not to because I like her and the guy and her mother pressurised her to do it which finally broke the relationship, that was in 2010.
The guy fell ill because he loved her with his life, after then he went for his NYSC then. He got ma number and called me while I was still in school, he told me that he love me, that was in 2012 and I was furious and angry with him. He pursued me until 2014, after series of consultation from my discipler, friends and much prayers, I finally agreed for him and I told her (his ex) what was going on and she wished us well.
Now we have done introduction and he has collected list and the lady is now saying she wants her man back with all seriousness and he is saying nothing will make him change his mind but the lady and her family are saying they will take it to any level even if it means to a traditionalist
NB: the guy will soon be ordained as a priest of the Anglican Communion, what do I do ma? I love him so much and so does he.

I don't know why I was rejoicing for you, but you don't have any problems with the lady, her evil plans, her pastor and her parents. 
You paid your debt in full, settled every quarters, was as blameless and sincere as possible. 
I would have told you to remind your friend that her husband is in her church and most likely known to her pastor and her parents, but seeing that desperation and regrets is already setting in, she might end up being violent. 
Simply keep your distance from her and encourage your partner never to have anything to do with them, he should avoid them as a plague and not border responding to their threats. 
If they feel that they are very powerful and can drag a man as they please, they should read up what happened to Pharaoh. 
My joy is that you are in a relationship with a man who is emotionally mature, who has no strings attached to his ex nor is he wavering in his decision to marry you. 
Please kneel down and fire down with prayers, don't talk, don't argue, don't defend your decision, don't border explaining anything to anyone, don't even border getting worried, only leave everything to God, and allow him to perfect that which he has already promised and has begun in your life and destiny. 
Pray for him, forget about the empty boasts and vain talks of your friend, you are not with any lady's man, if she's looking for her man, she should use clay and sand and mould one for herself and enrol him to her church so that her parents can bless him and then her pastor will wed both of them. 
The evil and horrible things that some "pastors" have done to so many vulnerable individuals and to ladies in particular really troubles my heart. Sometimes I wonder how an individual who has a personal relationship with God will just allow an ordinary individual on suit to rob her on a broad day light and confuse her in a manner that leaves her doing some strange things. 
Well, I hope that she will learn from this and hopefully realise that she's not an apron tied to her parents and pastors but an individual who must make her decisions and choices for her own life. 
Congratulations on your successful marriage and anyone who feels that you should not enjoy your marriage or feels that you don't deserve your partner, may God uproot such an individual from your life.


  1. Ma'am u nailed it, God bless you and your household... Amen

  2. Gbamest gbam, Amenooooooooooooooo, Ma'am, you're at it again

  3. Gbamest gbam, Amenooooooooooooooo, Ma'am, you're at it again

  4. Amen!!! You're a true wise woman. God bless you more and more until blessing gi na akpuzi n'ala.

  5. You will enjoy your marriage. Your formal friend is already drowning.


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