Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Should I Allow them take Custody of my Son?

Good morning mummy Amara, I pray for more grace
of God in your ministry in Jesus name Amen. Ma'am I need your advice in this issue.
I got admission in one of the Asian country, though am already living there for almost a year and six months now with a close family member. The issue is that this family member is going back to Nigeria very soon so my husband's family is giving me a condition that if I must take this admission that they will carry my baby and go to North America because that is where my husband is.
NB: My husband is not working, still thinking of going back to school. They're saying that my mother-in-law will be the one to take care of my baby, this is the woman who came when I had my child and did not bath him even for one day nor press me hot water being my first baby.
My fear is that if I allow them carry him, will I ever have my son back again? I have applied to join my husband but didn't get Visa. Ma'am I want to go to school at the same time don't have the mind of letting my baby go.

The option of giving your son under the custody of your mother-in-law is ruled out. You and your husband must sit down and plan your marriage in a manner that both of you won't feel cheated by the other. Work out ways for both of you to have access to your son and still continue with your academics.
The early stages of human development is best with the parents and the mother in particular to enable him to bond with his mother and help him develop emotionally, psychologically and mentally.
Instead of your husband making it difficult for you, he can as well support you by coming over to live with you or visit to find out how you are doing and support you in your academic pursuit.
Since your Visa was declined, the only alternative would be for your husband to be considerate and not use his family to intimidate you or pressurise you to give your baby to his mother.

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