Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Should I Wait or Accept one of the Suitors?

Hello ma, I appreciate God on your behalf for using you tremendously. I am 27 years old and I am in a relationship with a man of 38 years. He just graduated and about to go for one year internship. I have suitors coming for me but I love this man so much and he loves me too and we both have plans to marry but the issue is that he is not willing to settle down now, he wants to do his masters outside before settling, ma, it may take like three years for him to finish up before we marry that's (if everything goes well) if not it could be more and time is not on my side.
My people are already asking questions why I am rejecting suitors and what I am waiting for since I am through with my studies, ma, I am confused, I don't know if I should keep on waiting for him or to go for one of the suitors.
Please ma I need your advice and that of your fans. Thanks in anticipation.

It's a simple issue for you to sort out with your partner and decide what is workable for both of you. This is when you need to keep love aside and face the realities and the workability of your relationship.
Sit down with your partner and have a heart to heart discussion with him, ask him what is his vision and plan for the relationship in specific terms and figures are so that you can decide whether you can wait for him and take the risk or not.
This is not the time for you to force him or beg him because at the end of the day, he's the one who will choose who to marry and after waiting for years for him to get his masters and also acquire other certificates, it doesn't guarantee that he must end up with you so you just need to be real and go for what your heart desires.

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