Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Silent Treatment Hurts me so Much!

Hello ma, I want to advice me what to do because when I have small misunderstandings with my husband, he's very rude and ending up being silent to me like three weeks without saying a word. This is our third year of marriage and this behaviour started when I got pregnant, he doesn't want to be asked for money for my expense.
We were staying a in small house that time but when I delivered, we shifted to a bigger house whereby his parents (in-laws) are complaining that am staying in an expensive house, that we must shift to cheaper one.
My husband works in US, he came home after one year, am staying near his village but renting. Please advice on what to do because of this silent treatment, it hurt me so much. Have tried to apologize when I have wronged him but he can't reply my text since he's online.

Giving the attitude of your husband, the best way to address this will be to talk to someone who is close to him and someone who he respects so much and hope that he or she will encourage him to amend his attitude towards you.
Since his family doesn't appreciate your personality and they seem not to be comfortable with your presence in his life, I doubt if they will be in a better position to advise him.
On your part, you don't need to force yourself on him or beg for him to talk to you, though it maybe difficult for you but with time he will have no option but to reach out to you.
As long as you live with him, always demand for all you need to take care of your children and the family and don't let his displeasure to give you money to hinder you from letting him know all that concerns you and your family.
I can only hope that someone who he respects helps him understand the importance of communicating with you and letting go of malice and unforgiving spirit no matter what the misunderstanding maybe.
Also pray for him and allow God to help him overcome his weaknesses and make him a better man who will listen to you, love you and reach out to you in all circumstances of your marriage.

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