Thursday, May 26, 2016

What Pushed her into Double Dating?

My condolence ma.. Please I want to ask you a very important question... I have this girl I love dearly, we are currently in a relationship.. Last week she lied to me that she was travelling to her village and she went out with a guy ..
She spent the whole weekend in the guy's house, and when she got back, she told me all sort of lies about things that happened in the village. But somehow she started having issues with this guy few days back. The guy was accusing her of sleeping with his friend, then she came back and told me everything.
I have plans of settling down with this girl, I see some good qualities in her but I don't know. I keep asking her, what could have pushed her to such thing? She said she thought the guy would marry her.. What is really your advice.

Personally I don't encourage anyone to date a liar, because you can't even tell what to believe or what is true of his or her personality.
Secondly I won't encourage you to consider marriage with a partner who is desperate for marriage. Why not you might ask, it's because desperation can push one to become manipulative and deceptive.
Most individuals who are desperate doesn't know who they are, what they truly need, what their personality can carry, their limitations and capacity in life. Because they're eager to settle down with anyone, they can do anything to achieve that including considering diabolic means.
She needs to decide for herself what she wants, and organise her life in a manner that anyone who has genuine intentions about her won't be in doubt of her identity, passion, purpose and personality.
She can't be lying and cheating on you and then expect that you should open your arms and receive her when she's opening her legs to receive many penis. Let her finish with her would be husband before coming back to tell you hopeless stories.

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